1. $hadow

    Buying chromecast

    I am looking forward to buy chromecast and want to get some input if any one has purchased it. Google do not sell it officially in India if I am not wrong so will it still be usable in India without any hassle.
  2. $hadow

    NVIDIA GT335(Alienware) For High-End Gaming

    posted in wrong section.
  3. mohit9206

    [For Sale] 11 PSP Games

    1. *Model number and details: FIFA 13, Burnout:Legends,Street Cricket Champions 2,Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker,God eater:Burst,Phantasy Star Portable,Kingdom Hearts:Birth By Sleep,Daxter,LocoRoco,The 3rd Birthday,god of War:Chains of Olympus. All games with their original cases and manuals...
  4. A

    [For Sale] want to sell my Rs. 2078 Flipkart wallet balance for Rs. 2000

    I want to sell my flipkart wallet balance worth of Rs. 2078 for Rs. 2000 Please let me know if anyone is interested thanks - - - Updated - - - This account have Rs. 400 off on Rs. 1599 which will expire on 11 th July so you can buy worth of Rs. 2478 for Rs. 2000 let me know if you are...
  5. C

    [For Sale] Gaming desktop in Bangalore

    Hi Guys, So I need to sell my desktop since I am going back to college and need a laptop. I would prefer to sell the entire system as a whole but will sell individual components if no one takes the entire PC. I own games like BF3, Dota 2, CS:GO , FIFA 14, CIV 5 etc. If you are in...
  6. C

    Where do i buy Alcohol ?

    Where do i get isopropyl alcohol for cleaning thermal paste from CPU ? I asked some shops from yellow pages, they said they don't sell it now as it come in big barrel, etc.. Anyone know shop in Kochi, Kerala that sell it ? I searched for online shops, look like no one sell it online.
  7. sam9s

    [Want to Buy] Avatar 3D Bluray ...

    as the title says, if anyone has it and willing to sell ......
  8. P

    NEED Advice Building my new RIG(GAMING)

    Hi there I need advice on upgrading my gaming rig. This is what I currently have. Lenovo h430 2gb ram Nvidia gtx 650 to 2gb Intel Pentium g640 2.80 GHz A lenovo motherboard (unknown model) 128 GB sad and 1 tb HDD And I also have a second rig 2gb ram 500 GB HDD Intel Pentium g 6 45...
  9. B

    Need Help !!! Selling My old Phone in OLX

    Hii Friends I want to sell my old samsung galaxy ace in Is there any Legal issue that I should know or might have after sell. Thanks in advance
  10. sam9s

    Home Theater Recliner

    HI All, I bought 2 recliner about a year back when I was planning to start my HT in my own constructed house, but I could not go for a constructed house, instead purchased a flat, with roof rights to built my HT. This left me with much smaller room than I had planned, so I cannot fit two...
  11. R

    Moto E discussion thread

    Ok guys we need a New thread for this upcoming Best Seller by Motorola .. Motorola Moto E its the younger brother of Moto G Specs - 4.3 inch ( 960 x540 ) Resolution 256 PPI 1.2 Ghz dual core Snapdragon 200 ( Cortex A7 with Adreno 305 ) - same as Xperia E1 1 GB Ram 5 MP camera...
  12. R

    GTX770 replacing Sapphire 7870?

    Is it a good idea to sell my 1 yr old 7870 and buy a 770?? My current config is in my signature.
  13. ajayashish

    SELL: Canon 1000D with Kit 18-55mm lens + 50-250mm IS + 50mm IS f1.8 + lot of filters

    Hi, I want to sell my DSLR along with all the lens. The camera was used by me only and in excellent condition with no scratches on the LCD or anywhere in the body. I love taking photograph and hence love the device which helps me with that so it was never mishandled. The battery is excellent...
  14. A

    LG Optimus G tradein for Moto G ?

    Hey Guys, I have a 1 yr old Lg Optimus G E975 with me.I can sell it for around 15-20k, so should I sell it and get a 16 Gb Moto G ? I know Moto G is no match for LGOG in terms of specs but I am tired of LG's update cycle....It has been a year and still no 4.3 jellybean or 4.4 kitkat ...
  15. A

    Pls Suggest me a laptop for 45K budget

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Around 45K INR 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook? Gaming, Internet Surfing. 5) Any typical...
  16. aaruni

    [Want to Buy] Nexus 7 32 GB

    Looking to buy a working nexus 7 device in good condition (wi-fi + 32 GB). Please PM with details if anyone is willing to sell.
  17. H

    [Query] Looking to buy : HeatSink Thermal Compound/Paste Needed

    mx-2/artic silver 5/ or any other reputed brand thermal compound . if anyone has it and willing to sell it , ping me , !!!
  18. C

    [Want to Buy] Want graphics card Radeon HD 7950 or 7970

    Any used Radeon HD 7950 or 7970 in good condition. PM me if you wanna sell one or if you've got one and don't want to sell now, but have plans to do so in a month or so. I'll take it. Preferably looking for one 7970 and one 7950.
  19. NiGHtfUrY

    Ram questions!

    Right now i have a 4gb gskill ripjaws x (cl11). 1)My question is should i add another 4gb or sell this one and buy 1x8gb? 2)If i go with another 4gb is it absolutely necessary to buy the EXACT same model of ram ? 3)In near future (1-2 years) is it possible that games will require more...
  20. G

    Need advice on selling my GPU

    I am planning on selling my gtx 660 (this one to be exact) by next month. Bought it in this year February for exactly Rs 15000. It came with 3 years warranty and in the next month, about 2 years and 1 month warranty will be left. Have the bill and all. My questions are: 1. How should I sell it...
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