LG Optimus G tradein for Moto G ?


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Hey Guys,

I have a 1 yr old Lg Optimus G E975 with me.I can sell it for around 15-20k, so should I sell it and get a 16 Gb Moto G ?

I know Moto G is no match for LGOG in terms of specs but I am tired of LG's update cycle....It has been a year and still no 4.3 jellybean or 4.4 kitkat !

Also I wanted the stock anroid experience and right now dont have enough cash for the Nexus 5.

I am concerned about the 1 gb ram in the moto g , is it going to be a problem ? , my LGOG has 2 gb ram and even then I run out of ram sometimes.

Please advise.
Cheers !


I will advise you to root your Optimus G and install custom rom. This will be better than downgrading to Moto G.

+1 to this. I recently bought a optimus g e970 because it is a lot better than moto g in terms of hardware. Rooted it, unlocked the boot loader and then installed Paranoidandroid (beta 6). Now the phone is running on android 4.4.2. :D


If you are frustrated with the update cycle , go ahead and buy Moto G. ( specially if you need a phone with stable KK , right now )
Otherwise , E975/E970 is way ahead in terms of raw performance.

Apparently , LGE has planned an update for G pro somewhere in the 2 quarter. I think , E975 still may have it's chances to get KK alive.
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