1. S

    Safety measures for repairing or dumping old phone

    I have a 4 year old Lenovo K5 Note. Its battery was to be replaced. Recently, the phone did not charge at all. A local service center person said that there is problem in phone's board & it is difficult to get a replacement. I had already backed up important files from the phone but haven't...
  2. T

    HDD Upgrade

    I have an Boot SSD & two 1 TB HDDs. Details are in sig. Need Advice on 2, 3 TB HDDs. Mainly for Storage Purposes as SSD will be Boot Drive. Budget should be around 7 K Ging to sell of the existing HDDs. ps: If Someone is Pune area want the old HDDs plz PM.
  3. ithehappy

    Cheapest Possible i3 System for Daily Tasks?

    I currently have a 6700k, Z170 Pro Gaming, GTX970 as my primary system, and I am leaving gaming for good. So I have decided to sell my entire system and buy the cheapest i3 possible. So kindly suggest a system according to that. Latest gen CPU is always preferred. As low priced as possible...
  4. S

    [Want to Buy] A used Macbook Air

    Hello Guys I'm looking for a used Macbook Air to buy preferably the 13 inch model of 2015. If anyone is willing to sell kindly post on this thread. Thanks.
  5. G

    Samsung S7 in exchange of an iPhone 6S?

    Hi! So I just got an iPhone 6S 16GB as a gift. But, I'm in a dilemma of whether to keep it or to sell it off and get an S7/Edge instead. Due to the iPhone's poor battery life and just 12 GB of usable memory, I'm more inclined for the latter. Will that be a good decision? Also, where should I...
  6. Vyom

    [Want to Buy] Wired XBox Controller 2nd hand

    The real and new ones are quite expensive now. If anyone have the controller under good condition and might want to sell, please reply. I really want to play Rocket League with a good controller now ;-;
  7. bssunilreddy

    [Want to Buy] Zotac GTX750Ti 2GB @ 5k

    Hai, Want to buy Zotac GTX750Ti 2GB @ 5k Should be in Warranty and registered with Zotac for extended warranty. Anybody interested to sell, Please PM me asap... Thanks, BSSunil
  8. sysfilez

    [Want to Buy] AMD Socket AM2 Motherboard

    I am looking to buy a AMD Socket AM2 Motherboard for my Athlon 64 X2 CPU. I am based in kolkata, anybody willing to sell the same can reach me at 9748448268 Regards,
  9. Ironman

    If i want to sell a OnePlus X Invite , how much should i ask ?

    Suppose i have a OnePlus X Invite And i want to sell it. how much should i ask for it ? Not gonna give it away for free ...
  10. Ironman

    [Query] If i want to sell a OnePlus X Invite , how much should i ask ?

    Suppose i have a OnePlus X Invite And i want to sell it. how much should i ask for it ? Not gonna give it away for free ...:razz:
  11. tkin

    Any feedback on

    Hey guys, I just came up on this site: They are providing buybacks directly as well as through Amazon and Snapdeal. They gave a quote of 8k on my LG G2, which is pretty close to the 10k I was thinking. The best thing is that unlike OLX I won't have to deal with idiots...
  12. R

    Corsair CMSX4GX3M1A1600C9 Vengeance 4GB Laptop ram NEW!

    Hi all, I bought this CMSX4GX3M1A1600C9 Vengeance 4GB Laptop RAM Supports 2nd gen and 3rd gen Intel Core processors but unfortunately it did not support my laptop(mine was 1st gen i hastily bought it) Hence selling it. Sell price : 3499 INR - not used at all. PM me if interested. Regards...
  13. R

    Want to know the sell price for my 24 inch monitor

    Hi all, I have a 24 inch Benq E2400HD monitor. Would like to know how much i can sell this for? Its 4 years old. Running like new. Everything is perfect. Reason is i already have another Benq EW2440L and looking to buy another one of the same model for my multi monitor setup. Thanks...
  14. G

    Yu band availability?

    Hello, to all of you. Is anyone know about when the YU Band start to sell in India? GEEKCOMPUTER_GEEK
  15. R

    When can I post in Bazaar?

    I've been viewing digit forum for a looong time now but decided to register not very long ago... I have some items I need to sell and bash that guy selling his 2 yo 7970 for 14k (like wtf), so when can I post in the Bazaar section?
  16. B

    Sell my OLD Computer

    i am looking to sell my OLD computer 1) Intel Core 2 Duo 2.93 2) Original Intel Motherboard DG41 3) Hynix 2GB RAM 4) Samsung 20inch TFT Monitor 5) Nvidia GT950 1GB Graphics Card 6) Fontech ATX Cabinet 7) Creative 5.1 sound system 8) Seagate Baracuda 500 GB HDD can anybody suggest...
  17. F

    [Want to Buy] ipHone 5s

    Anybody willing to sell a iphone 5s ? PM me
  18. Mr.Kickass

    Xiaomi starts selling smartphones at physical stores in India

    (Source) Finally, a way to physically check the phone. (assuming one manages to arrive before they vanish)
  19. adityak469

    Sell Off My RPi B+ ?

    So RPi 2 has been announced and will be in the Indian market soon. I was thinking to sell off my RPi B+ (3 months old) and get RPi 2 as it sounds promising with Win 10 and most probably FireOS will be released for it only and not for B+. What do you people say?
  20. akhilc47

    How to sell my 1.5 year old lumia 720....

    Hi, I'm planning to upgrade my L720 to OPO (hopefully I'll get an invite :\) and I need to sell my 1.5 year old lumia 720. It doesn't have any issues now and I have the box and charger. I never used the shitty headset and can't find it now. I bought it for 15.8k from amazon. I've never sold a...
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