1. gora

    To Sell My Two Pc's

    Hey guys,I am from kolkata and any of u kolkatans want to buy my hardware,contact me,this is what i have to sell :) PC-I(24/7 DOWNLOADING RIG) P4 3.0 GHZ MERCURY MOTHERBOARD 256 MB DDR1 RAM 80 GB HDD PIONEER ODD 15 INCH CRT SELLING PRICE: 5000 RUPEES PC-II CORE2 DUO E6300,946GZIS...
  2. P

    Sell Intel 845gvsr Motherboard And Trancend DDR1 Jet RAMwith warrenty

    Hi.... I wanted to sell a few peripherals of my comp so that i could upgrade mine...... Only 4 poeple livin in Bangalore ....... 1. DDR1 RAM - 1GB ----400mhz--- Transcend Jet RAM (Still under warrenty period ) 2. DDR1 RAM - 128MB ----266 --- Hynix 3. INTEL ORIGINAL MOTHERBOARD D845GVSR...
  3. bodyquest

    FS: 250gb seagate hdd sata II

    ok guys looking for a quick sell....item on sell is 250gb seagate hdd sata II ...which is 6 month old ....and has all remaining warranty....... condition: new rma'ed hdd...... price: 2250 shipped!! got no cam at the moment hence not able to post pics.........sry for that!!.........
  4. C

    For Sale: Kingston 2 GB RAM DDR2 800

    Hello Friends, I want 2 sell my Kingston Value RAM 2GB DDR2 800 MHZ (2 sticks of 1 GB each). Model is KVR800D2N6/1G. It is just 5 months old. Having warranties n bill but i cant give bill as bill is of all pc components. I want 2 sell these ram bcoz i hv upgraded to 4 gb gskill high...
  5. S

    FS - FX 5200 agp

    The card has no warranty left. Ppl on old setups with an agp slot going waste can benefit from this. It supports DirectX 9.0b and plays all not so modern games at resolutions of 800x600 or 640x480 (obviously u cant expect more from a geforce 5 series card). ;) I myself finished the game...
  6. andy_shah_2000

    BLACK LG 17" Ultra Flat CRT Monitor E700SH

    Guys i have this Monitor from 2004 onwards and it is out of warranty but it works like a charm. I m buying a new 22" LCD so wanna sell this asap. Looking for 2.75K + Shipping for this beauty............... m posting pics in few hrs............
  7. victor_rambo

    Mods and admins plz help me: need some permission

    Hi guyz, I am planning of starting an online store exclusively for low-cost harware such as RAM sticks, pendrives, SMPS, cabinets, mouse, etc. :) As the show will be new, I need to publicize it. Can I use the bazaar section? I am asking this specifically because our rules say that we...
  8. R

    Sale - Samsung 8MP DigiCam

    I want to sell my Samsung M100 DigiCam for Rs 6500. This cam was used only once during my brother's engagement. 9 months warranty left. Specs - 8.2 Megapixel, 3x opti,Face Detection, Auto Redeye Fix, 1 GB MMC, Video And Still, Image stability and many more. It will be sold along with original...
  9. R

    FS I wanna sell my Asus Nvidia 7600GT

    Hi Guys..I wanna sell my 7600GT Asus GPU. i am from Mumbai.. Still 1 year warranty left.. Will include Drivers and Manual CD with box :):) Quote ur Price guys.. :p:p
  10. D

    Expected price?

    Hi everybody! Guys I was thinking of upgrading my pc. So, what can I expect if I sell my current pc? My existing configuration is: Asus m2a-vm dvi motherboard + amd 4200+ x2 1gb kingston 667 fsb ram 250gb seagate sata samsung dvd writer 22x iball i720 cabinet dell multimedia keyboard + logitech...
  11. M

    want to sell P4 sektop for 5500k

    Hi guys want to sell a P4 wid the following config 1.6 ghz processor intel original motherboard 256mb SD ram 40gb hardisk 14" monitor vintron(around 6-7 years old) white cabinet cdrom cabinet is around 5yrs old I'm from Mumbai 9967337637
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