1. bkpeerless

    Is data scince/ Business Analytics good path for a 3 yr test profession

    I want to switch my career. I am currently a manual tester with little bit of Automation Java. I have 3 yrs of exp . I have MBA but I was not able to utilize it in the IT world. I want to switch my career. My interest is in R SAS and Data science. Is there any oppertunity for someone with my...
  2. S

    MS in US

    Anyone pursuing MS in US? Can you suggest me the best University in US for MS in Computer science? My desired GRE Score is 350.
  3. Ronnie012

    Intellectually inspiring, thought provoking, mind boggling SCI FI MOVIES!

    I, like uncountable and numerous number of humans across the globe, am an ardent follower of science fiction movies. So why not launch a thread dedicated toward the same? So, my dear ladies and gentlemen, here it is! 1. Primer - Loved it. Spent hours trying to decode it. Couldn't. Primer...
  4. A

    Is it really Science vs Religion?[POLL]

    A lot of people on the internet are arguing on the topic of Religion vs Science and this topic has been passing down generations after generations. People often talk about how religion or science is superior than the latter and they also think that the other system is harming the interests of...
  5. Superayush

    Job as computer hacker

    As the title suggests what should be my roadmap if I wish to pursue above job profile as a career I have completed 10+2 science and would most probably doing b tech cse I was looking through topics of cryptography in computer science (RSA CRYPTOGRAPHY, MODULAR ARITHEMATIC , algorithms )...
  6. GamerSlayer

    Pursuing my ambition to become a Game Designer

    Guys, I completed 10th this year and am awaiting my results and am pretty sure to get scores which enables me to take up science. I am taking Science stream next year and opting for Physics, Chemistry and Maths. As an additional I am taking up C++. Now, I want to become a game designer and am...
  7. adityak469

    Science Including Gadgets

    I don't know where to post this so I'm posting it here. So i have to give a speech on Science Including Gadgets in my school as A ASL(a speaking skill test). I just can't figure out what to say as nothing was told about the contents..... 'm in class 10. Anyone here can suggest me to fill the...
  8. Zangetsu

    Science Discussion Thread

    Hello People.. Created this thread to share & gain some knowledge on science (Physics/Chemistry/Maths etc etc) Q: Why does a bird sitting on high tension wires doesn't get electrocuted? Do participate :doublethumb:
  9. G

    Help me take a decision.

    Guys i'm currently studying in class 11 cbse(yes India). I scored a 10/10 in my tenth. I just love computers and mobiles, i'm doing really good in my computer ( i've taken physics,chemistry,math and computer as my subjects english compulsory) science subject i at least score 90%. I'm currently...
  10. srkmish

    Need info on MS in Europe

    Hi Friends, I am planning on pursuing MS in Europe. Two of my friends are currently studying in Germany and can vouch for the quality of study. Also, they are earning a hefty amount tax free working part time. The lesser fees ( as compared to USA) and the study quality has convinced me to...
  11. tech0freak0

    Want engineering ebooks....?

    Guys plz can u, some share important ebooks for engineering. As i'm doing computer science engineering, plz share some books related to computer science. Thanks..
  12. Hrishi

    Need Advice from Engineers & Successful Programmers

    Okay guys , I am not an Engineering student , though I am Science Graduate.(Computer Science. Bsc.IT) I was wondering what all courses , topics do you guys usually study in your regular B.Tech course that practically helps in Programming and Coding. Something that has real use and...
  13. TheLetterD

    Oracle JAVA Course vs C#+ASP+SQL Course @NIIT

    Hello Im planning to study Computer Science abroad for which Ive dropped a year(A Gap Year) to research Colleges, Give my SAT exams, my IELTS, and cover up on my Extra Circular that I missed on in the last 2 years of PCM Science (Non Medical) :) I went to NIIT yesterday to find out about their...
  14. isenberg

    Engineering from private ?

    Hello everyone, I've just given my HS final exam and though I know what my passion is, I am finding it very hard to decide which path to choose. My first problem is my age. My H.S exam went well.I expect star mark. But my problem is I am 20 and I've reached the age limit so I can't drop 1 year...
  15. C

    Which stream i shud opt in 11th ?

    Hi i m Chirag from India and currently i m in 10th i m confused about wich stream to choose. :cry: I m interested in Game Development. 8-) I want to know best stream for me from these - :| Science - Commerce(Wid Maths) -Commerce(Widout Maths) Please help me . I think that I...
  16. sayan8

    Which one should i opt for...pls help

    i study in 12th at cbse board pursuing science career.. i want to study engg.. i hav shortlisted this streams-- 1. electronics & communication (1st prfrence) 2. Computer Science 3 . automobile 4. I.T Please help me....
  17. A

    please help!!,mere carrer ka sawaal hain?

    hey people i am in big dilemma.ok first i have completed my science stream HSC exam in average marks got 56% at agg. 35 in physics,65 in bio,44 in maths and 55 in heres the question i am thinking of doing bsc in computer science with diploma in software engineering from i am...
  18. CommanderShawnzer

    help me to plan my education/career path

    well i'm a class 10 CBSE student and i want to become a software engineer/programmer/coder/whatever OR a game developer(the one which creates art assets) but i figured becoming a good coder is the stepping stone to GD'ing about me well i'm not exactly a "maths genius" i.e for me algebra in all...
  19. KDroid

    The ISEET Discussion Thread

    This thread is for discussion on the proposed New single entrance Exam pattern for Entrance into Engineering Colleges. Apparently, the probability of this pattern being implemented from the next year are very high. The proposed name is ISEET - Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test...
  20. R

    Sanskrit As The Language of Science - A Must Read Article By SC Judge, M Katju.

    -- -- Here is The Full text of the speech delivered by Justice Markandey Katju, Judge, Supreme Court of India on 13.10.2009 in the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore I felt it's really worth to share this article... please post your responses guys.. :smile:
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