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  1. V

    Brainwavz m2 alternative needed below 5k

    Looking for earphones with bass like or much better than Brainwavz m2 around 5k. Audio Source : Rockboxed Sansa Clip+ Audio genre : Mostly rock, hip-hop, Rahman songs Budget : ~5000.
  2. Nanducob

    [For Sale] SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player

    1. *Model number and details:SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player (Blue) bought from Amazon.com Amazon.com : SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player (Blue) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : MP3 Players & Accessories 2. *Date of purchase:February 2013 (don't remember exact date) 3. Reason for...
  3. ratul

    Is it good to buy Sansa Clip Zip from USA?

    I was not able to find a Sansa Clip+ or Zip anywhere here (decently priced one), so i am thinking of buying them from here: Amazon.com: SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip 4 GB MP3 Player (Black): MP3 Players & Accessories Actually my relatives are there, and i can ask them to buy there and they are...
  4. anirbandd

    [Praise] Grabmore.com - Awesome service.

    Hi all, I dont do much internet shopping so I'm a pretty newbie in the area. I want to buy a Sansa Clip Zip from here: Buy SanDisk SDMX22-004G-A57K Sansa Clip Zip 4 GB (Black) with cheapest price at Grabmore.in - Online Shopping of Electronics in India. Is this website trusted??? There is the...
  5. GhorMaanas

    [Want to Buy] Portable MP3 PLayer

    Hello! i need a PMP. following is my choice in order of preference: 1. Nationaite N2 2. Sandisk Sansa Clip+ 3. Cowon iAudio E2 4. Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip price can be discussed over PMs. please let me know your offers. thanks!
  6. doomgiver

    Media Player : SanDisk Sansa Clip+

    As the title says, looking for a Sansa Clip+ Shower me with your offers :)
  7. C

    Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip

    The new Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip doesn't see to be available in any stores. I tried ebay.in and amazon (junglee.com) but it's double the price since they direct import from the U.S. Isn't it available in any stores in Mumbai? Regards, Casper
  8. A

    Sansa Clip+ 8 GB + 8 GB MicroSD Card

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Sansa Clip+ 8 GB Expected Price: sold Time of Purchase: 1 February 2011 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No Reason for Sale: not using Purchase Invoice Available: No Product Condition: full working condition Accessories Included...
  9. bubusam13

    sansa clip playlist

    Hi, I don't know which thread should I put it. I think community> tutorial would suit it best. I have made this tutorial first time. So pls tell me is somewhere I am wrong or any other suggestion create sansa clip+ playlist (easiest method) - YouTube
  10. bubusam13

    [SOLVED] Synchronizing software for Sansa Clip+

    iTunes does not work with Sansa Clip+ and Windows Media Player is confusing. Can you name me a good piece of software (need not be freeware) for synchronizing my Sansa Clip+ ? I know Clip supports drag and drop but my music library is a mess. Too many music folders in each drive.
  11. bubusam13

    Suggest some website to buy Sansa Clip

    I want to buy Sansa Clip+. Suggest some website where I can find it cheap. In Flipkart, clip is out of stock. Lynx also. Suggest some other website.
  12. A

    Sandisk Sansa fuze cover

    Where can i get a sandisk sansa fuze mp3 player silicon cover/clear case in bangalore (or shipped to bangalore) ?
  13. desiibond

    Sansa releases Sansa Clip+, successor to Sansa Clip

    Display: OLED display size: 2GB/4GB/8GB audio format support: MP3, WMA, secure WMA, Audible, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, plus audio books and podcasts memory expansion: MicroSD memory slot (upto 16GB) Radio: Digital FM tuner with 40 presets Recording: in-build microphone Battery life: up to 15 hours of...
  14. gurujee

    Price & Availability of Sansa Clip : help

    hello to all. Want to buy a sansa clip 2/4gb. Does anyone know how much it costs at Nehru Place, Delhi ? Rashi Peripherals is quoting 2.5k for 2gb here at Orissa. And is there any online shop within India(other than ebay), where I can order it by CCard ? Few days back I had seen it at...
  15. B

    Sandisk Sansa Fuze

    Is it available in India? I read several reviews on Sandisk Sansa Fuze.I want your guys' opinion on it.Is it a good mp3 player?I have my eyes on this player as well as the Creative Zen.Which one is better?I value sound quality over anything...
  16. A

    Sansa Clip or Shuffle

    Hi, I am planning to buy a new MP3 player.2 choices are there for me 1) Sandisk Sansa Clip-2 Gb 2) I pod shuffle-2 GB Out of these which is better? I have a GRADO SR60 Headphone
  17. aytus

    which headphones for 500 rupees

    i want a pair of good headphones .. (i dont know if i should go with the in-ear type or the regular ?) .. can u guys suggest me which brand should i opt for.. i do hav sony,s fontopia in mind .. range is approximately 400-550 would i be able to get some decent headphones for that range?? i...
  18. K

    Diwali Around the Corner

    Diwali Around the Corner(Mp3 Player Needed) Diwali is around the corner...:D n this diwali I need a Mp3 Player...:p Had Pined Down some competitors in earlier research..;) Transcend Tsonic t630 2/4gb Creative Zen Stone Plus 2gb but recently the Sandisk Sansa e250(2gb with xpandable slot)...
  19. rakeshishere

    Apple To Launch a WiFI iPod ?

    The rumor mill about Apple’s intentions has started again as DigiTimes reports that Apple may launch a WiFi iPod later this year. DigiTimes is quoting Taiwan portable music player component makers, who said that USI will produce WiFi modules for iPod and Foxconn wil be the OEM system assembler...
  20. N

    help sansa e250 drivers

    recently i bought sandisk sansa e250 my computer installed the driver of sansa e250 mp3 player itself, but now when i reinstalled the XP, it refuses to install the driver itself, i tried the CD which comes with the mp3 player, but the driver is not provided in it. the driver is not provided...
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