1. avichandana20000

    memory card

    which memeory card is better for MOBILE Transcend SANDISK kINGSTON all 2 GB pls suggest.
  2. sriharsha_madineni

    Is corsair voyager Gt series Flash drives worth the premium??

    I am planning to buy a 8/16GB flash drive with fast write speeds,I zeroed in on sandisk cruzer and Corsair Flash Voyager GT. Voyager GT claimed to be the fastest drive around and read many reviews on different sites.But user experiences on corsair forums seems to be different and here is...
  3. power_8383

    4 GB Pen/Flash/USB Drive

    Hi guys, need your help again. I want to buy a new 4 gb pen drive. Please tell me which is the fastest 4gb pendrive out there ? I guess in case on speed, there are only two options i.e. Sandisk & Flash Voyager Please correct me if I'm wrong. Waiting for your replies guys...
  4. AVSEQ

    Best brand for microSD cards

    Hi, one of my friends is willing to buy a 4 GB microSD card for his Nokia 5130. What will be the best brand he should go for? Is it Sandisk or Transcend or any other brand?
  5. K

    FS: 6 month old 5320xm + 4gb Sandisk card

    Selling my 6 months old 5320xm Box, Bill, All original accessories. Warranty till Feb 2010 . + Sandisk 4gb Class4 MicroSD Card. Price: 6k with shipping. (if u are from bangalore or hyderabad, u can see the fone in person and buy it from me) Firmware updated to the latest...
  6. desiibond

    Sansa releases Sansa Clip+, successor to Sansa Clip

    Display: OLED display size: 2GB/4GB/8GB audio format support: MP3, WMA, secure WMA, Audible, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, plus audio books and podcasts memory expansion: MicroSD memory slot (upto 16GB) Radio: Digital FM tuner with 40 presets Recording: in-build microphone Battery life: up to 15 hours of...
  7. A

    Is Sandisk minisd/microsd card available in Kolkata/Bangalore?

    There seems to be no official Sandisk distributor in Kolkata, and no shop seems to have one :mad:. Does anyone have any idea where I can get Sandisk 2GB miniSD/microSD cards in Kolkata? And is it available in Bangalore? If possible, please list the prices too.
  8. Y

    need a PMP!!!

    Guys plz recommend the best PMP I can get for 5.5 to 6k. I'll be buying tomorrow. need excellent sound quality and long battery life with voice recording and gud fm reception and available easily and expandability if available. i looked at some models like Creative zen 4gb, Cowon iAudio U5 4gb...
  9. B

    [FS] 2GB Sandisk memory pro duo

    2GB Sandisk memory stick pro duo Accesories: 2GB Sandisk MSPD Condition: Excellent running condition, Looks BRAND new! Reason for selling: Upgrading to 8GB Purchase date & Warranty: Purchased on 25/12/2008 without bill. Price: Rs.249+Shipping free Purchasing price: Rs.499 Loation...
  10. Kniwor

    FS: 2Gb Sandisk Memory Stick Micro (M2) (for Sony products)

    Recently purchased Memory Stick M2 for sale, carries 5 Years warranty direct from Sandisk and can be claimed anywhere using the serial number. Here is the pic. Expecting: 950/-
  11. saurabh kakkar

    Which one from these Micro Sd card to buy ??

    Hi I m planning to buy to 2 Gb Micro Sd card from Indiaplaza but there are 2 Sandisk 2 Gb Micro Sd card one for Rs. 329 /- and other Sandisk 2 Gb Micro Sd...
  12. B

    Sandisk Sansa Fuze

    Is it available in India? I read several reviews on Sandisk Sansa Fuze.I want your guys' opinion on it.Is it a good mp3 player?I have my eyes on this player as well as the Creative Zen.Which one is better?I value sound quality over anything...
  13. raksrules

    SD Card for Canon SX100IS: Sandisk 2GB Normal SD or Extreme III ??

    My brother is buying Canon sx100is camera from US. Which SD Card he should go for ? -> Sandisk normal 2GB Memory Card (approx 15 $) -> Sandisk Extreme III 2GB Memory Card ?? (approx 35 $) Is the price difference worth it ? if yes then why ?
  14. prem4u

    Sandisk Cruser Micro 2GB...?

    Is Sandisk Cruser Micro 2GB have U3 technology support...? then why u3 icon is not coming in system tray...?
  15. thelordrrulzzz

    Sony Ericcson W810i Memory Expansion.

    hello guys, I am bit confused about expanding my SE W810i's memory. At the moment i am using 1Gb SanDisk Memory Stick Pro Duo and i want to upgrade it to 2Gb but i am doubtful about it. I have a friend of mine using a 2Gb stick for his SE K750i without much problems but initially it gave slight...
  16. G

    Sandisk Sansa Express

    Hello Everyone! A few days back I bought a 1GB sandisk Sansa Express Mp3 player. It worked well for the 15 days or so. Now - a- days when I start it, it just starts, shows the logo ( SANDISK ) on the screen and then turns off. I found a solution on the net which stated that I have to...
  17. j1n M@tt

    PenDrive....SanDisk Cruzer or Trancend vSeries,which's Good?

    I wanna buy a 4GB pen drive.I want a drive with good performance with features like U3....plz suggest one in 2k budget. My pick is SanDisk Cruzer Micro. Trancend vSeries are also best. Suggest something abt Kingston drives in 2k range. :confused:
  18. K

    Diwali Around the Corner

    Diwali Around the Corner(Mp3 Player Needed) Diwali is around the corner...:D n this diwali I need a Mp3 Player...:p Had Pined Down some competitors in earlier research..;) Transcend Tsonic t630 2/4gb Creative Zen Stone Plus 2gb but recently the Sandisk Sansa e250(2gb with xpandable slot)...
  19. alsiladka

    SanDisk nibbling Apple's Market Share

    SanDisk nibbling Apple iPod's Market Share Surprised? But true. Here is an article from the Los Angeles Time which i came to know about from Paul's Blog. Original Source
  20. ssdivisiongermany1933

    What is cost of Sandisk Esansa 250

    Hey guyz iam planing to purchase A Mp3 player Sandisk Esansa 250 (2 Gb) can anybody knows the what is current price of it ... Pls help me .thank ful to you
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