1. Kalyan

    Need Pen Drive 4GB

    Hi Guyz.. I need a pendrive of 4GB. I went to the stores and he showed me transcend v60, Sandisk cruzer micro(black). I previously saw the Sandisk cruzer platinum(I dont remember clearly but it came with three extra coloured caps). now, they dont have the platinum. Please suggest me which...
  2. K

    SanDisk 4gb microSDHC announced.

    Finally a 4gb micro SD has been announced by SanDisk, something many have been waiting for. Its not available yet and hardly any phone supports it. But those problems will get solved soon enough. Check it out here
  3. P

    Flash Drive

    I want to buy a 2GB flash memory. I asked Transcend, SanDisk and Corsair. Which should I buy? Both Transcend and SanDisk are approx for 1000/- and corsair bit expensive....1850/-. Is Corsair really that expensive?
  4. D

    problem wit my sandisk player??!! any service centre in india!!!!???

    :confused:guys a e260 sandisk player i jus bought got dead...can u temme any authorised service centre....chennai or bangalore preferable!!!.
  5. G

    Sandisk Sansa Express : Cheapest MP3 player

    Well, not the cheapest maybe, but cheaper then famous iPod shuffle, yet providing a screen (a plus factor) Sandisk introduced Sandisk Sansa Express mp3 player in CES 2007. It is nothing, just looks like a normal pen drive & even works like one. U just have to plug the player into USB port...
  6. s18000rpm

    SanDisk rolls out flash hard drives for laptops

    SanDisk wants to replace the hard drive in notebooks with flash memory, a swap that it says will make thin laptops faster and more reliable. The switch, however, will cost you a few hundred dollars more. Roughly $600 to the cost of a notebook :shock: . SanDisk on Thursday released a 32GB...
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