1. V

    Transcend vs Sandisk: microsdhc Class 10 UHS-I ??

    I've bought a new Android Smartphone (Quad-core, Jellybean OS 4.2.1). I'm planning to buy a 16gb microsdhc class 10/UHS-I card for it. I'm going install a lot of apps and games in it.. So, please suggest the best in performance(Read/Write speed) card out of the 2 options given below..:-...
  2. Radhesh Bhoot

    MircoSD Card --- Sandisk 32Gb Ultra Class10 or Samsung 32GB Class 10

    Hey Friends, I am planning to purchase a MicroSD card of 32GB... Wanted to know which one is best among the following 1. Sandisk Ultra 32GB Class 10 --- Max Read speed - 30MB/s, Write - ??? ---- approx Rs. 1500/- 2. Samsung 32GB Class 10 --- Max Read speed - 24MB/s, Write - 13MB/s ----...
  3. A

    Sandisk vs Strontium

    Hi, I was initially planning on buying a Sandisk microSD card (16/32 GB).The ones I was planning to buy are class 4 cards. But I see Strontium microSD cards class 6/class 10 with the same capacity in more or less the same price as Sandisk. I was wondering if Strontium cards will be as...
  4. doomgiver

    Media Player : SanDisk Sansa Clip+

    As the title says, looking for a Sansa Clip+ Shower me with your offers :)
  5. ankit.kumar010203

    Get SANDISK 8gb MicroSD Card For Just Rs 227..on tradus

    Get SANDISK 8gb MicroSD Card For Just Rs 227....:-o:-o Go To Following Site:- Sandisk 8GB Micro SD Card, Price, Features, Specifications, Reviews | Tradus
  6. A

    Memory card Buying Suggestion-Class4 or Class 6

    Hey Guys I have a Xpreria Pro with 8 GB sandisk memory card. Now I need a memory card of 16 Gb. I am confused between Class 4 and Class 6. Does it give performance boost if using a class 6 Sandisk 16 Gb preferably this model . Waiting for Suggestion.
  7. satinder

    How to boot xp from 32gb pendrive on my laptop DELL dual coreakeb

    I have a Dell laptop 1014 Vostro (Duo Core) with 320GB HDD. It crashed. Now I want it to boot xp from a pen drive of 32 gb (sandisk). How it is done? Please guide. I have lost my drivers also...:|:|
  8. C

    Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip

    The new Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip doesn't see to be available in any stores. I tried and amazon ( but it's double the price since they direct import from the U.S. Isn't it available in any stores in Mumbai? Regards, Casper
  9. S

    Mem card/Jelly Case for Neo V

    Guys, Could anyone tell if 16 GB card is ok to use with Neo V(know that it can take up till 32 GB ) but just checking if it would have any problems.. Also please let me know If i should go for sandisk or Transcend Saw two models on Flipkart SanDisk Memory Card MicroSDHC 16GB ( Class...
  10. ajai5777

    Sandisk 8GB SDHC class 4

    1. Model number and details: Sandisk 8GB SDHC class 4. 3 months used. 2. Date of purchase: 14-10-2011 3. Reason for sale: Upgrading to class 10 SDHC for 720p video recording. 4. Warranty details: 4.5 years of warranty left.The serial number is given in the pack 5. Expected Price: 440/-...
  11. Sarath

    Buying query: Which microSD to choose?

    I want to buy a 16GB micro SD card for my phone since I find the 8GB sufficient but does not look so hopeful in the future. Its been 4 months that I have been putting off this purchase but finally I have the resolve to buy it. Also I will root my phone in the coming weeks and doing so with a...
  12. kool

    Sandisk 4 Gb pendrive @ Rs.1 Bidding. (I bidded at Rs.250, now dont wanna buy it)

    Guys, Recently i checked for 4GB sandisk pen drive. Now in my email i got this mail: Sandisk 4 GB Pen Drive + 5 Yr Warranty Starts from Rs.1 Current price: Rs. 202.00 Your maximum bid: Rs. 250.00 Want to know is it costly deal? How much I've to pay for this? Rs.202 or...
  13. tejjammy

    Is this a deal or Ripoff?

    Just came across this while browsing and was tempted to buy. But never bought earlier from this site. Is the price right? There are all positive reviews. Should I go for it? Pack of 2 Sandisk Cruzer Blade 4 GB Pendrive with 5 Years Manufacturers Limited Warranty, Price, Features...
  14. S

    Req:Price of MicroSD Card

    Cud anyone tell me the price of SanDisk MicroSD Card of 8GB & 16 GB?
  15. pepsodent


    For Sale ! SANDISK SANSA FUZE 8GB -BLACK RETAIL PACKED UNIT -VERY DIFFICULT TO FIND (not refurbished or rejected units sold in loose condition) -rockbox support -color screen with wheel to fast scroll songs(in comparison to clip+) -micro sd card slot * Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL...
  16. pepsodent

    Sandisk Sansa Fuze+ 8GB(With microSD slot) mp3,video player

    SANDISK 8GB (SANSA FUZE+) MODEL +2gb MicroSD CARD BLACK Color Touch buttons MicroSD card slot FM Radio with Recorder Brand New (unused) Rs 5200(TOTAL CAPACITY 10GB) Location Delhi This model is imported(not launched in India) Send Pm for more details Please Note: these are my personal stuff...
  17. A

    Sandisk Sansa fuze cover

    Where can i get a sandisk sansa fuze mp3 player silicon cover/clear case in bangalore (or shipped to bangalore) ?
  18. C

    best pendrive 16 gb at 2000 bucks!

    want a pendrive (16gb) at rs 2000. is sandisk cruzer 16gb is best for it or you recommend something else?!?!?!?
  19. J

    Which SanDisk 2GB Memory Chip is Genuine??

    Please tell, Which SanDisk 2GB Memory Chip is Genuine?? I asked Two Shop keepers about Price of 2GB Sandisk MOBILE Memory chip as follows: - 1st Shop Keeper told its price = Rs.280/- with guarantee of 6 months. 2nd Shop Keeper told its price = Rs.330/- with NO guarantee. Both Dealers...
  20. bajaj151

    Need help regarding Pen Drives !!!

    Which one is best as regard to speed and performance (8GB) - Corsair Voyager (GTR or Padlock 2) - Sandisk - Super Talent (dnt knw abt their price range)
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