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  1. ajayashish

    Suggestion: Ro water filter

    Hi guys, Need an urgent help. I am planning to buy a new Ro water filter in Bangalore. I have 4 options and would like to hear from you all abt which one to buy 1. Aquaguard Total Enhance - Cost 13990 - heard a lot of their bad after sales but it is the once which we have been using in...
  2. D

    laptop 30-35k

    budget : 25k-30k notebook: 15" //flexible brand : HP/DELL task: simple ppt , office , skype , NO GAMING additional: would help if it looks good // sorry , girls have a thing wid looks :| the following are the priories in the given order 1) AFTER SALES SERVICE (MUMBAI) 2) GOOD BATTERY...
  3. V

    advice on opening a computer shop

    hello friends, I m planning to open a computer sales and services shop in Rourkela (Orissa). However I do not have any idea regarding this business - initial investment, procurement of materials (source and range), profit margin, after sales services etc. Where can I find information to answer...
  4. S

    Need help for G41 motherboard..

    Friends, I want to buy Asrock G41M-VS3 mobo for my pentium D 820 (2.8 Ghz).I will also add my old geforce 9500 Gt 1 GB to the motherboard. Will the board support both my processor and graphics card ? How is the after sales service of asrock Mobo ? Also plan to buy DDR3 RAM of Zion ? Any...
  5. kbar1

    Help in deciding laptop in 40k

    Hi guys. Need your help. Gonna buy a laptop for ~ 40k. Can't extend by much. Need a discrete gpu. Preferably gt540. other specs aren't rigid. Got a few candidates: ASus k53 sx 520d Acer aspire 5755g Dell inspiron 15 (w/ gt525) No lenovo. Call me prejudiced if you want. I have my reasons. I'll...
  6. KDroid

    Apple stops selling iPhone 4S in China to protect its staff

  7. mailshobhon

    Dont buy asus laptop as they have pathetic after sales service

    Don't buy asus laptop they seriously have pathetic after sales service i have bought asus k53sv sx521d have been facing this issue so be aware if you are buying asus laptop,
  8. $$Lionking$$

    AMD hires firm to get laid off workers jobs - semiaccurate.com

    AMD (NYSE:AMD) has done something nice for thousands of laid off workers, they hired a firm to provide them with tips, opportunities, and other things to speed them along to productive employment. The first of the conference calls is scheduled for later today. At 4PM CST today, with a follow...
  9. K

    After sales service of ASUS...

    Hi Frnds, Planning to buy an ASUS laptop.But. little bit confused as don't have any idea about ASUS after sales service. ASUS users please reply.. Thanks.
  10. socrates

    Samsung Becomes The Number One Smartphone Maker

    Samsung Becomes The Number One Smartphone Maker
  11. pritamk

    Buying A phone n US

    Buying A phone from US hey i was thinking about asking my friend to get me Ipad 2 or iphone when he returns from US next month can please anybody tell me what are the risks involved in getting it from US? I mean warranty, after sales service etc. I dont have any idea about it. so plz help
  12. socrates

    Lenovo expects to beat Dell in PC sales by year's end

    Lenovo holds the No. 3 spot in global PC sales. Lenovo expects to beat Dell in PC sales by year's end - Computerworld Might be possible in India too going by their media blitz as long as they keep the prices right. :D
  13. ashis_lakra

    Form 50 from Sales tax office ?

    Hi guys, Do we require any FORM 50 from sales tax office to order and ship Cabinets for long distances ?
  14. V

    Budget 15000/- Which Android phone should i buy ??

    My Budget is 15000/- only. Please suggest which is the best Phone in this price range. Best hardware config. Best after sales service. Value for money. Thanks in advance
  15. ashis_lakra

    MSI or Sapphire ?

    Guys, Rahul at theitwares.com has bad experience with selling MSI brand Graphic card and he got back many MSI GPU for RMA whereas very little RMA from Sapphire Brand. and MSI has very bad after sales support. whereas, the guy at smcinternational.in tells that he prefers MSI graphic card and...
  16. E

    ASUS K42JA vs Acer 4820TG

    which is better ? how are both ASUS and Acer in terms of after sales service ?
  17. C

    Service after sales for ViewSonic VX2250wm

    I want to buy a LED Monitor suggested in Degit Newsletter, ViewSonic VX2250wm for Rs. 8,999. I was told in one shop that the Service after sales for Viewsonic is not good. If anybody has bought any ViewSonic product including ViewSonic VX2250wm, let me know. Where can I find user reviews for...
  18. L

    AMD posts better-than-expected profit

    Advanced Micro Devices Inc reported a quarterly net profit that beat Wall Street's expectations, and said it expects fourth-quarter sales to be flat compared with the third. AMD's results came two days after rival Intel's better-than-expected earnings lifted hopes for technology companies...
  19. G

    Please suggest a Netbook

    Please suggest a goo and cheap net book around the budget 19000-21000 rupees. I am currently looking at the Dell Mini 10 with 250 GB HDD and Hp Mini 1100. Which do you think is better? I [not me exactly] will be using this for doing a software that calculates sales and buys in a shop.
  20. desiibond

    Samsung Wave reaches 1m global sales and GS at 300,000 (SK)

    Read the article here: Samsung Wave sales reach 1M, Galaxy S keeps the pace - GSMArena.com news This is amazing. I saw that the sales are strong but 1m in a month is really strong and this should get lot of Developers to build apps for Bada OS. Galaxy S too is showing strong sales in...
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