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  1. A

    Buying Laptops in Delhi

    Hi, I will be moving to India shortly to start college and I'm looking to buy a laptop in Delhi. This is my first laptop and I'm looking at a budget of about IR 34,000 or so. Basic features include good battery life, 14" screen, core 2 duo 2 GB ghz 2GB Ram, web cam and (relatively)...
  2. codename_romeo

    Some feedback needed on Apple macbook

    Firstly i dont want to start another mac vs windows fight. I just need info on a couple of things: I am going to go in for my mba in 2010(around mid) so i would be in need of a laptop. After loads of searching on net and trying some of which were in possessions of my friends (dell ie i7...
  3. soumya

    Windows 7 sales outshine Vista

    Judging by its initial sales, Windows 7 is certainly proving more popular than Vista. Microsoft sold 234 percent more boxed editions of Windows 7 than it did Vista in the initial releases of both products, according to research released Thursday by NPD Group. In actual dollars, Windows 7...
  4. desiibond

    Nintendo Profit Halved as Wii Console Sales Slow

    For the last few years Nintendo has been riding high on the runaway success of the Wii console but now that success appears to slowing considerably. Sales and profit at the Japanese games company fell sharply during the first half of its financial year as demand for the console dropped. Nintendo...
  5. desiibond

    Blu-ray sales up 91 percent in first half of 2009

    Back in April, we reported that sales for Blu-ray Discs had nearly doubled in the first quarter compared with the year before, according to Adams Media Research. Now the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) has issued a press release saying that U.S. Blu-ray sales are up 91 percent in the first...
  6. krishnandu.sarkar

    Help Me Configuring VLAN in NetSim

    Hie....I need 2 configure VLAN in ths way 4 Routers 4 Switch(Each connected to each router) 8 PC's (2 PC's connected to each switch) Tat is:(The design wud be) Router 1----------Router 2---------Router 3------------Router 4 Switch 1----------Switch 2---------Switch 3-----------Switch...
  7. montsa007

    Looking to buy a laptop for 3d work, need help

    Hi guys, i'm looking to buy a laptop for maya, photoshop and graphics works. Here is what i'm looking for a 15 inch minimum display battery life is not much important as i'm always gonna be plugged in 320 gb of space atleast 512 mb graphics since i beleive the bigger the better :p 4 gig of...
  8. NucleusKore

    Machete sold to 15-year-old boy

    Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/8127174.stm Trading standards officers have called for a ban on online knife sales after a machete was sold to a 15-year-old for £1.50 over the internet. The potential weapon was delivered in the mail in bubble wrap and cardboard to the teenager...
  9. P

    Has anyone in West Bengal ever ordered Dell Laptop online?

    I customized a cool Dell Studio 15 on their site. The sales representative told me that the whole process of delivery in West Bengal is different. You need to submit the sales tax first at the sales tax office and take a WayBill from there. I guess then I have to send the waybill to them. I...
  10. A

    Creative Zen - 4 GB - spare sales ?? Anywhere in India, Texas or SIngapore ??

    Hi, I would appreciate if someone would guide me to some kind of a store in the above mentioned places that sold spares to Creative products. My 4GB zen's display shattered when I met with a road accident and the services and support in Chennai and Bangalore and Mumbai say they would not import...
  11. N

    Acer aspire one 10" netbook

    Hi, any one knows when Acer aspire one 10" netbook with 6 hour battery backup will be launched in India? I searched almost every where on the net. Mailed to the sales email id provided on acer-india site. But no reply. thanks. nb
  12. gxsaurav

    Apple Mac Sales Drop, While PC Sales Charge Ahead in January

    Apple Mac Sales Drop, While PC Sales Charge Ahead in January
  13. sandeepkochhar

    Shocking !!! Motorola Sales Unit Closed in India

    Mobile phone maker Motorola has decided to close down its distribution division in India, owing to tumbling sales and aggressive competition. Distribution activities are now likely to be carried out from its Singapore offices. Source:-...
  14. M

    Lg or benq?

    Hey guys pls tell me should i go with lg 22inch or benq?Pls comnent on after sales service of both of them. Thanx.
  15. iMav

    AMD+ATI+CoD4=Gaming Heaven

    AMD had setup a LAN competition in our college as part of our tech fest. The game was CoD4 and it was shear pleasure playing it on these lag free computers. 10 comps, free for all. Check out some images of the computers they brought: I got to speak to the Country manager of AMD and the...
  16. A

    19" Lcd monitor under 11k

    hi...want a monitor with a dvi port mainly for reading stuff , programming , watching movies nd occasional gamin under 11k(cant exceed that).please suggest one. the companies offerin lcd monitors : 1.Viewsonic (worst after sales service...worst products...this is wat i hav herd) 2.Benq...
  17. V

    Tally 9 Odbc Query

    Dear All, I am using Tally 9 release 2. I have a lot of stock items with each having a particluar ledger for default invoicing. E.g. Sales Vat 12.5% or Sales Vat 4%. The number of items runs into hundreds. Now I tried to import the stock item master details into MS Excel using ODBC to check...
  18. S

    which brand

    I am buying ATI 4850 card my dealer says that only Palit brand is available with him, some say that Palit is worst in after sales service, should i buy Palit or wait for some time till other brands are released.
  19. Gigacore

    Microsoft launching Windows Server 2008

    Microsoft is celebrating the release of a new version of one of its most successful products outside of the desktop Windows and Office one-two punch. Windows Server 2008, which is being feted in a series of launch events starting in Los Angeles today, is the flagship product of Microsoft's...
  20. ravi_9793

    Microsoft Offering SEO servive

    Yes, Microsoft is now offering SEO services through its partners programs. Source: https://partner.microsoft.com/40046001
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