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AMD (NYSE:AMD) has done something nice for thousands of laid off workers, they hired a firm to provide them with tips, opportunities, and other things to speed them along to productive employment. The first of the conference calls is scheduled for later today.

At 4PM CST today, with a follow up call next week, ex-AMD Sales and Marketing folk will be presented with job prospects from reputable companies. This is only the first, there are going to be many more soon too. With luck, this will lead them to productive careers in fields related to their current work. If you are a potential candidate for this call, you should have already gotten the email below, the blanked out details will be in there.


Check your inbox if you are a candidate
We at SemiAccurate would like to thank AMD for such a generous offer. AMD did not have to pay an external firm to do this, nor did the firm have to set up calls with such high profile companies like they did. For the now extremely motivated ex-AMD employees, it is an opportunity to continue work in the semiconductor Sales and Marketing field, likely with many of the same clients and co-workers as before. This is in no uncertain terms a win/win/win.S|A

Editors Note: Charlie is resting well. The doctors say his almost bitten through tongue should heal nicely, but have urged him to refrain from the behavior that led to it. I have never seen someone laughing so hard while bleeding.

AMD hires firm to get laid off workers jobs | SemiAccurate
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