Redmi Note 4 64gb installing apps in external storage


I bought Redmi note 4 64GB yesterday and started installing apps but when I install whatsapp I couldn't find installation folder in internal storage so there is no way to use my old backup unless I use google drive (which I did eventually). But I can't use my old videos also I don't like to use G-Drive as backup.

So please let me know what are my options, I would like to have access to my whatsapp photos/video. Its been a while when I tried custom ROM but if its a decent ROM I am ready to give a shot... Any recommendations would be appreciated


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If you have your old mobile, take backup of Whatsapp with Titanium Backup, and restore in New mobile.


Can you post a screenshot of the said file explorer?

Also, enable the documents app. MIUI disables it by default.
To my surprise its fine now :)
I was using my old phone MMC and single sim, the idea was to copy all the data but since I coudn't find the whatsapp folder I removed my card and used second sim... Bingo, now I see whatsapp folder

Thanks for the reply bro, thankfully its fixed now
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