Need Help In rooting.


NOTE : The following Thread could be extremely n00bistic for many. Please Don't poke fun. Thank you. :p :wink:

Hi everyone.

I am planning to root my Xperia Miro. I am thinking of Installing of CM10. I have sent endless PM to various Members at XDA asking for a step-by-step help but most of them are either too arrogant ( told me to ask other members as they are busy atm ) OR inactive ( last seen date ).

Till now, i have downloaded these :

1. Flashtool
2. Official Firmware Zip File : ( ***Xperia Miro (Mesona) - ST23i/a Official Firmware Files*** - xda-developers )
3. CyanogenMod 10 - ~150mb ( | FreeXperia Project | Unrestricting your links! )

Till now, i know that To install Custom ROMs, A bootloader must be Unlocked. ( Instructions | Sony Xperia ). & i think this guide should be sufficient in helping me Unlocking the Bootloader. ( [Tutorial][HOW TO] Unlock Bootloader & ROOT **EASY**[Miro/Tipo/J/2010,2011,2012 line] - xda-developers)

But after this, i don't know what to do..

I saw this on the Xperia Miro's CM10 thread on XDA but i am clueless.


Install instructions:
first time
- power off the phone:
- hold vol+ and plug usb to boot into fastboot (blu led)
- fastboot flash boot boot.img (from cm10 zip)
- fastboot reboot
- enter recovery, on boot led will be violet for 3'', during this period press vol+
- flash rom zip
- flash gapps zip
- wipe
- reboot

for update just flash rom zip from recovery
Google Apps are not included in this ROM. You'll need to find those yourself if you want them.

If anyone can help me in figuring out this, i'll be eternally grateful for your help. All i need is a bit of your help & some patience on your part as this is my first rooting experience & i am very nervous. :-?



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Once you unlock the bootloader, the next step is to decide which ROM you want to use. Many ROMs come with their own recommended kernels which you need to flash with the rom.
Download the ROM , the kernel and the gapps. Put the ROM and the gapps on your sdcard.

Next step is to flash the kernel. Open Flashtool on your pc. Then connect your phone in fastboot mode (as given in the instructions). If connected successfully your LED should stay blue. Click on the lightning icon, select fastboot mode. Then in the window that opens click "select kernel to flash". Browse to the kernel (usually named boot.img ) . And it takes about 5 secs to flash and it shows all done.

Plug out your phone, switch it on and then repeatedly press the volume down button. You'll enter recovery. Then flash rom, then gapps and then do the wipes. Reboot.

Note : the instructions given there use command lines to flash kernel. The same thing can be done using Flashtool. Its easier. Also once you flash the kernel, your phone wont boot up completely. Don't freak out its normal. Just enter the recovery.
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Thanks AcidCow.. I shall try to attempt to root the phone tomorrow. Hopefully, it should be a smooth task.

Any pointers ?? :p

Once again thanks for the much needed help. :)

- - - Updated - - -

I just read that I need to download Android SDK ( 480 mb :shock: ) & a fastboot driver for unlocking bootloader ( * ).
Is this necessary or is there any other way ?? :)


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All right first of all you need to watch some videos in youtube. Type your model and see how to root it. Because sometimes understanding theoretically is totally un understandable. Many reviewers also provides you the link to how to start and what to get.
And there is always a first time so I don't think that any query is noob. And and and always Flash your model rom never flash any other model rom thinking That it is for my phone. Since there are variants of certain devices and the roms are model specific.
Have fun and happy rooting :-D
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