[Query] How to ship a graphics card to the US for RMA


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I have a faulty Sapphire Radeon R9 Fury, which has been accepted for RMA. This product was gifted to me by relatives in the US, and so I plan to ship it back to them and have them ship it to Sapphire for the RMA.

I am in possession of the the original invoice (in my relative's name) as well as an email from Sapphire requesting for the card to be sent back for repair/replacement.

Unfortunately, when I contacted Fedex, they say that an individual cannot ship an item internationally with a value over Rs. 25,000, due to customs. The purchase price of the graphics card was just over Rs. 35,000, so I would need to ship it as a company with an export license.

DHL, when contacted, said that the product can be shipped as non-commercial freight, but I would need a GR (Guaranteed Remittance) Waiver from a nationalised bank, and for that I would need to ship it as a company.

Is there no way for an individual to ship a one year-old, used, defective graphics card to the US for the purpose of repair/replacement? As this card is from the US, I am not sure if the warranty is applicable in India, and so I have not mentioned my place of residence during my correspondence with Sapphire. Given the difficulty in shipping this item, is it worthwhile for me to try and get the RMA from India? If yes, can someone inform me how to go about doing this? As mentioned, the card is a Sapphire graphics card, and I live in Bangalore.


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Send it with lesser value. Just mention its purpose is for replacement and not for retail or personal use. There's no other choice. Or else ask Sapphire if there's any service center that will RMA it here. All you need is an authorisation letter from them and give it to the service center they mention.
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