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I ordered my pc the specs r as follow
My budget was rs 55k around and i wanted best gpu available. So i had to make compromise my cpu
1.cpu amd fx 6300
2.psu antec vp 650p
3.ram 4 into 2 zion ddr3
4.motherbiard gigabyte
5 gpu sapphire nitro r9 390

I bought all articles offline from local store as they it gives me peace of mind for after sale services and rma. Dealer would take care of all hassles

What do you think about my specs? Which equipment should have been better like psu or motherboard.
Also do u think it would bottleneck my system in modern games as i read fx 6300 would drag back gpu but will perform in range of 70 to 90% of i5
Any suggestions are welcome


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Don't worry in directx12 amd fx8350 is showing great performance improvements so you should be good. I saw in some youtube video but it was still behind i5 processors. The R9 390 is also performing better than nvidia gpu's. But time will tell what is better. Even I am confused between gtx 970 and R9 390 which will perform better in the future.


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I guess you researched before finalizing this build. Hope to see the build in flesh soon :)
BTW, how much r9 390 costs?


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AMD GPUs generally take little more load than Nvidia. Even a 970 needs 550W and that's enough. But the R9 390 is a much better choice that GTX 980, when it comes to price to perfomance. Great GPU
that is, R9 390.
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