1. krishnandu.sarkar

    Telephoto Lens For Nikon D5200

    Hello, Currently I'm using 18-55 Kit lens and 35mm. I'm very happy with the Kit lens considering myself a beginner. And 35mm produces great results, but at some situations, I fail to produce great results with it, ofcourse due to my lack. But both of them are incapable of capturing close-up's...
  2. I

    Alternatives to the gym

    Hi all, I dont like the gym and the vain individualism it promotes. But I do like feeling strong and looking good. Any other things I could do that would give the same results but be a lot more fun?
  3. seamon

    Cornell ED results.

    I know it is pointless but anyone got accepted to Cornell ED?
  4. Desmond

    Google downranks Torrent sites, and it's consequences.

    In case you guys are wondering why your favourite torrent sites don't show up on Google these days, if you didn't know, check it out now. Google Will Punish "Pirate" Sites Harder in Search Results | TorrentFreak That's right, now sites like TPB and Yify-torrents don't show up in Google...
  5. Ironman

    Auxus Core X2 - Benchmarks

    I bought this tablet Last year. I was thinking of doing a review but eventually forgot. But I did take some benchmark results on the first day of the tablet. After many days I found those result's screenshots. I'm posting those benchmarks now. I know it's useless now still here they are Core X2...
  6. @

    Google Search Trends of Indian Politics

    site: Google Search Trends of Indian Politics source code: * What it is and How it works: These two following graphs show the number of search results appeared on Google for certain keywords. If you search for 'Narendra Modi ' today you will see...
  7. giprabu

    CRT TV Remote Lost :(

    We have an old 21" onida crt tv.. The remote is lost... How to get a new cheap one ?? Model no : CO21FGLU (it was given at the back of the tv). When I googled, I got this below link * The first two results looks almost identical but not sure whether...
  8. cute.bandar - my site for finding freelance work

    Search multiple freelancing websites at one go, getting the results on a single page. Other Features: -its updated every 20 minutes -powered by sphinx search engine -powerful google like advanced search options, so you can even exclude results that are irrelevant for you. -ability to...
  9. L

    Bruteforce DOB field on my institute's website.

    Hi guys. The institute in which I'm currently studying displays internal examination results on its website. To get the result, one has to enter his/her roll number along with his/her date of birth. Does anyone around here know how to bruteforce the DOB field. I have generated a date wordlist...
  10. topgear

    Hacking CPU-Z – Can You Trust the Results

    Continue Reading for fixes and updates ;-) Hacking CPU-Z – Can You Trust the Results? | Hacking Tricks
  11. A


    I am given the task to find the value of PI up to decimal poins 'x' awhere 'x' is input through keyboard. If I use c++ and use setprecision() defined in iomanip.h, I am getting rounded off results. I need accurate truncated value. If I use c, I can not use a variable in precision field in...
  12. tkin

    Nvidia posts another round of record results!!

    Old news, but anyway: Nvidia posts another round of record results - The Tech Report
  13. A

    Nokia back in the game as 4Q results top estimates

    Nokia back in the game as 4Q results top estimates Nokia back in the game as 4Q results top estimates | Industry Leaders Magazine Asha Series & Lumia combined pushed Nokia back into healthy sustainable financial position. Asha did wonders in times of heavy smartphone competition.
  14. navpreetsingh459

    Gujarat and Himachal Results

    As thought, Modi came back to power again and winning the election as well by a huge margin of 70,000 but the results in Himachal may disappoint BJP a bit. Congress came to power there. Si Is Modi the PM candidate for NDA now?
  15. Thetrueblueviking

    Extensive RAM usage without reason.

    I have 2 sticks of 4 GB (Corsair 1333) installed on my system. No extensive apps being used and yet 50% of memory being used. I think the cause is Windows and my pc needs a format but not sure of it. Here is whats happening - UPDATE 1 I just checked cpu usage by various apps and was...
  16. 101gamzer

    ‘Don’t get Scroogled’, Microsoft’s anti–Google message to all of us this holiday season

    Visit THE ONE AND ONLY SCROOGLED SITE Have you been Scroogled? Try Bing—we don't limit your shopping choices. :P
  17. tkin

    Pathetic Pings on BSNL kolkata, alternatives?

    Enough is enough, I am SICK and TIRED of BSNL kolkata, I have 750ULD plan on NIB II, for the past 3/4 months I am getting pathetic pings even inside india during daytime, at night the pings are ok, but during daytime and evening(around 11AM to 11PM) pings to everywhere are pathetic at best, some...
  18. rezurect007

    Freeware Firewall?

    Looking for a light Freeware firewall. Kindly suggest with reviews or Testing results. Looking at Comodo vs Private Firewall. Also looking at other options.
  19. dashing.sujay

    [SOLVED] How to export all data from oracle from one system to another?

    Heading says it all, I tried googling, but couldn't make results work. All tables from a specific user would also do. TIY
  20. $

    What is the lowest ping that you get and with what ISP?

    These days i'm having real trouble sticking around in online games all because of the high ping in BSNL network. Mine's BSNL UL750+ plan with 1Mbps bandwith speed upto 6GB and 512Kbps onwards. I get pings at an average of 110-170ms in Indian servers tested from and saw in some...
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