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Freeware Firewall?


Broken In
Looking for a light Freeware firewall. Kindly suggest with reviews or Testing results.
Looking at Comodo vs Private Firewall.
Also looking at other options.


Conversation Architect
Get Zone alarm very easy to use.Private firewall can't make decision by itself it ask user for this and its still buggy.
You can use comodo firewall too buts its defense plus feature is very annoying.


Wise Old Owl
I use Comodo. I use it with Defense+. It is probably irritating to some of you, but I find its features invaluable. Combining with Avast, I have not had a single virus infection / known system breach in more than 4 years. (Windows XP Professional)

It prevents execution of unwanted programs from USB drives. It allows me control exactly which program is allowed to connect to the internet.

As has been mentioned above by others, either Defense+ or Firewall can be disabled individually.


In the zone
I have been using Comodo for last 6-7 years after trying others for some time. I think it is the best possible freeware solution

Vignesh B

Comodo firewall FTW.
Configure it according to your needs. Have been using it for the past few years with no infetions as such.
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