OH YEAH.. MY UT2k4 demo is up on an Intl gaming site.. :D

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LOL, au contraire, there are plenty of hardcore UT fans around here, yours truly included. Its just that the thread would have been sunk in the myriad others. First of all, congratulations. Second, I will add this to my download queue and check it out tomorrow. :) Good luck with your future endeavors.


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Ohhh did i miss this one....How come :shock: :shock:

Darn Where there's Ut I have gotta be there :wink:

Well aint all that hardcore at it but yea still manage my way but hey nice work done there pal....but sigh i havent patched my copy yet Also sigh My 3rd Installation disc has got corrupted :(
Will get the Original Disc from some friend if i can and then will get on to ur server sometime :wink: Till then Happy fraggin 8)
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