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  1. V

    hard reset micromax a26

    bolt a26..any idea how can i hard reset the phone?? thanx #mods: plz close this^ not req anymore
  2. U

    Soft Reset Help for Canvas2

    Hello...please help me with any option that lets me reset the phone in soft manner. Also my touch screen does not respond so how to cot=rrect it? How to do a 4.1.1. update thru micromax website.
  3. TechnoHolic

    After BSOD & HDD Not Recognized

    I was surfing..suddenly a BSOD occured..restarted the pc using reset button because windows was hanged at that time..After restarting, the harddisk wasn't recognized at boot time..by pressing the reset button again, entered the BIOS menu and there is no harddisk..!! then turned off my PC for...
  4. TechnoHolic

    After BSOD & HDD Not Recognized

    After BSOD, HDD Not Recognized I was surfing..suddenly a BSOD occured..restarted the pc using reset button because windows was hanged at that time..After restarting, the harddisk wasn't recognized at boot time..by pressing the reset button again, entered the BIOS menu and there is no...
  5. RCuber

    Following Strict Sleep Cycle. [Yawn]

    Its about time. I have a horrible sleep cycle , sleep at 4 or 5 AM and get up at say 9 or 10, if I dont feel like going to office then I wake up at 4 PM :/ this is causing serious health issues and I need to reset it .. I am sure I am not the only one having these kind of problems. I found...
  6. B

    How to know a faulty Processor

    PC running but no display on the LCD screen. Already tried BIOS reset but still not working.
  7. R

    CPU not booting but making incessant beeps.

    Guys, Since yesterday evening my CPU has not been booting and giving me incessant set of 3 beeps with the power button syncing and flashing according to the beeps. I will post a video soon of the same. I have already reset the RAM, I have 2x4GB so I tried to boot with a single stick at a time...
  8. K

    how to reset memory card password????

    hi I forget my memory card password now its not opening in my nokia X2 phone.Is there any way to reset or remove the password?
  9. D

    Hcl me u1 too many pattern attempts , how to unlock.?

    hi my friend borrowed my u1 for a while, & he gave it back without saying anything wen i try to open it, Its showing too many pattern attemps, by this its evident that it got locked due to wrong pattern, but when i try to put my genuine gmail account id n password still it isn't opening, shows...
  10. S

    Pattern Unblock in Celkon Andriod Mobile 97I

    i have the same problem with my Celkon 97I,i forgot the unlock pattern,and its eventually locked,i tried to input my google account and it says my username and password is incorrect.i tried to reset my phone by pressing the menu key+back key while booting the phone and i select reset device,and...
  11. quad_core

    PC gets hung suddenly and wont boot up

    Hi Guys, I have one problem. When using PC , sometimes ( mostly after playing MaxPayne3 or using google chrome) , the PC just freezes. When I press reset, it doesnt comeup. The LEDs of the Fans light up, the hard disks spin, the fans spin. But nothing appears on the monitor. After some time...
  12. S

    Weird prob with Funbook or maybe Android..

    Hey guys, I am facing a weird problem with my funbook. Audio output is coming from both speakers and headphones. Tried factory reset using settings->backup n reset. But the problem still exists. pls help
  13. Unkn0wN

    Galaxy S Advance [I9070] Kernel Wakelock !

    Got my S Advance two weeks ago and i am having a wakelock issue since then. So here it comes 1st, It used to randomly shutdown after locking it. Factory reset solved that. 2nd factory reset was because of the phone not going into deep sleep cause of some kernel wakelocks. 3rd hard factory reset...
  14. D

    DIR-600 in trouble

    PLEASE HELP!!! Hello friends, I have a DIR 600 router in India. It was loaded with 2.05 firmware. One day, I found that firmware 2.06 was also available. I updated it with the new firmware. Then it stopped working. I do not know what to do. I have tried to hold reset for 10 seconds and also...
  15. M

    Need help in sorting Display issues.

    Hi Guys, Recently after upgrade from 5770 to 560ti, I am getting issue in booting . It boots but before welcome screen the display is going to power saving mode nothing works. I tried resetting and restarting the pc by powering off completely and reset switch. But the only way i found it to work...
  16. RCuber

    Reset - Game Debut Trailer

    First Video KLd8kEQJIzw Gameplay trailer released a few weeks ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g063gr1SPWU Links RESET Blog Theory Interactive Ltd. They are currently raising funds via Indiegogo, Please go ahead and contribute. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/reset--4 Note...
  17. prateek007391

    Windows 7 Password

    A friend of mine needed my help with the laptop, he said it was not working well. However now I have stumbled upon a very stupid problem, I forgot to take password of Windows 7. And now His mobile is switched off. Is there anyway to reset the password, I inserted windows 7 cd --> Repair your...
  18. A

    resetting comboboxes in vba/excel

    there are 5 comboboxes. each depended on the previous selection. how do i reset them to blank ? the data source is access.
  19. S

    SAMSUNG GTC6112 simlock removal or flashing.

    I have a Samsung GT-C-6112. Being paranoid, i activated the simlock and have now forgotten the lock code. I cant put any sim now. Is there anyway i can reset the lock? If required i can even agree to flash the phone. Please provide detailed procedure to flash the phone or to reset the code...
  20. a_medico

    Kindle-3 repair in India / Mumbai?

    I have Kindle 3 ordered from Amazon, US. Worked well for more than a year and half. It suddenly froze since yesterday and is having blank white screen. Tried all the hard reset settings given on net. Doesn't work. Is there anyone who can repair it in India, preferably in Mumbai or Pune?
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