1. S

    How to restore Start Menu to default in Windows 10 1909

    I can't find the Tile Data Layer folder in this version of Windows 10.
  2. maheshn

    Windows 10 Enterprise date & time issue

    Well, I'm having a strange issue with date and time on my machine at work... before going into the same, a few specs. -It's a Dell Optiplex newly purchased by the organization, barely 6 months old. -Our office got a total of 4 new systems with identical specs - Skylake i5, 4GB RAM, no ODD, 1TB...
  3. G

    Pinnacle PDR-44C1-V

    Hello, I was given an old, but in working condition, a CCTV recorder, Pinnacle PDR-44C1-V. How do I Reset the User / Admn / Super Passwords? Or do a Factory Reset? Any help is appreciated.
  4. Vyom

    My TP-LINK TL-WR840N router gone full retard - Does hard reset about every half hour

    My router TP-LINK TL-WR840N (V2) have gone nuts. From today, it have started to drop connection. Upon investigation, I found that the all the setting of router settings got reset. The wifi name became, "OpenWRT" (since I have installed OpenWRT since long). Password gets removed, ISP setting...
  5. jatt

    How to Unlock Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Administration Password

    Hi, I unfortunately forget Admin password for Windows Server 2012,is there any easy way to reset the password so that i can login and save my data without reset OS. Is there any good tool to reset password specially for server, I tried so for is Hiren Boot cd,but its unsuccessful in this case.
  6. Cyberghost

    Bundlestars Hacked - Password Reset Alert (Check ur Email)

    We have noticed attempts to access Bundle Stars customer accounts by entering, what we believe to be, stolen email address and password combinations, so we have taken the precaution of resetting all user passwords across the website. Customers' financial information, such as PayPal, credit or...
  7. M

    Server unreachable/ DNS server unavailable on some devices

    I connect to the internet through a Netgear router and have Airtel Broadband at home. All mobiles, tabs, laptops and 1 desktop at home of the entire family connect to the internet through the wifi system. However, I have been facing a strange issue for the last few days - everything was...
  8. amjath

    Issue with Windows 8.1 Password Reset using Hiren

    Hi guys, My friend forgot his password for his Windows 8.1 login, so he wanted me to reset the password. So I used Hiren boot cd and loaded to "offline nt password registry editor" When the drivers loads I see a strange behavior After this I had no choice but to press enter...
  9. hari1

    Resetting Wi-Fi 802.1x EAP password on android

    My college uses Wi-Fi called 802.1x EAP and we have been given separate usernames and password to login to it. To use the Wi-Fi, we first have to connect to the Wi-Fi. When connecting for the first time, it says that the password has expired then we get a password reset box. After changing the...
  10. A

    how to reset Facebook Account ????

    Is their any way to reset the FB account to a brand new account . mean to say that i want to delete all of my conversation , tags , search history , others who have search about me , post, friends...........every thing . without creating a new one. (Without going to activity log and delete each...
  11. R

    No AUDIO OUT AND IN through headphones

    Whenever I used to plug in my DENON headsets with my PC a pop up used to come regarding device selection. It seems i have dsiabled settings after which I cannot hear any audio out nor my mic works for Skype calling. How can I reset audio settings or troubleshoot? Untill changing settings...
  12. Sarath

    [Help] Restoring SMS after factory reset (Nexus 4)

    I performed a factory reset / format on my N4 a few months ago and I haven't used the device since. Now I need to access some of my old SMSes. I would like to know if there is any way to get those SMSes back? Any software that lets you get your old files back? Any help would be much appreciated
  13. R

    whatsapp not registering

    I live in UAE. I just insatlled 4.4 Custom rom on galaxy s2 gti9100 and reset everything. My Airtel sim is still workking here. I can recieve calls and messages but I cant register my whatsapp. I was able register once after flashing rom then i tried flashing another rom and reset again. Now i'm...
  14. S

    Help want to hard reset my phone but alphabets in chinese

    Guys I have an Canvas A110 (canvas 2). It had sony xperia's Custom ROM installed in it. It has stopped functioning so i planned to hard reset it. But the hard reset options are in chinese cud anyone convert it for me. Im uploading pictures of the hard reset menu. Any kind of help or...
  15. D

    Time keeps on getting reset on old PC.(even after battery replaced)

    I have an old Intel 865 based PC that date/time keeps on resetting to 2002 ? replaced Motherboard battery and even then I see this happening. The other problem with this PC it doesn't shutdown - instead it going to complete power down it restarts.. I did a reset on bios but to no avail...
  16. E

    Recovery Partition and Factory Reset

    I just bought a new hp windows 8 notebook. It came with two partitions on the hdd a windows and a recovery. It also came with bloatware , Norton and office. To remove the bloatware I tried full factory reset but it didn't help as nothing was removed. When I was browsing the hp recovery centre I...
  17. R

    number of wrong pattern matching attempt error in android 2.3

    When i start my phone,i am getting number of pattern matching attempts error in android 2.3.I am trying to perform factory reset at starup. I got the recovery menu at startup by pressing volume - button but i am not getting Factory reset option over there. TEST ITEM TEST ALL CLEAR...
  18. digit06

    Adcom apdad 707d

    I have recently bought the Adco apad 707d which seems to work good! but I had put a pattern lock and I fogot it CAn you please tell me the key combination to hard reset it or any other way Im really in a bad situation please tell me a solution!!!
  19. R

    Micromax A60 issue with display pattern - LOCKED

    [solved] Micromax A60 issue with display pattern - LOCKED I am using Micromax A60 and I turned off GPRS from power mgt bar. After that, my bro tried some display patterns to unlock the phone and now it says I have to login with my google id which is all fine and I have done this before but the...
  20. TheHumanBot

    [HELP] XP Use Profile Got Reset It Self

    a user profile on XP decided to reset it self and lost the data from Desktop folders. documents mostly xls doc files. system restore is not working. and yes, data are really really important and it's not me a friend did this and i have to solve it some how. data recovery process is progress but...
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