1. fun2sh

    The HP Laptop Miracle : The Rebirth

    One day i was playing Dota 2 and decided to use Radeon graphics (instead of Intel) and put processor limit to 100%. Normally, i used to play only on intel graphics and 70% proc limit. But, just when the game started my dear dear laptop turned off. I tried to switch it on by pressing power...
  2. R

    Logitech gamepad service

    I bought a gamepad from Logitech 14months back. All of sudden its not working.The led glows, but is not detected in any pc even with drivers installed. Is there any way i can repair it? The company service centre told me there is no paid service but only warranty replacements. Please help..
  3. sam9953

    [Giveaway] Miscellaneous Items

    Okay guys I have got a few things which I would like to get rid off: Ethernet Cable/ Lan Cable/ RJ 45 Cable - 10 metre - cat 5e -Dlink cable straight (chewed by a rat from between) Not available anymore I got this cable from another internet user but none of us knew that the cable had been...
  4. kool

    ► Guys my WINDOWS PC is restarting with repair tools. Please help me! Its urgent ◄

    Guys its very urgent. My PC is getting restart and automatically LOADING FILES in black screen and then system repair running and then it says: "Restart if repaired successfully it will start normally" and after restart again it repairing bar. And again same thing. My PC config is Windows 7...
  5. prvprv

    Laptop repair warranty experience Thread

    Hi friends Please post your laptop repair / warranty experinces in this thread like Damaged part, cost of replacement, service centre experience etc. 1) Laptop brand/model 2) In Warranty yes/no 3) problem 4) damaged part 5) Where did u repair it 6) repair charges 7)...
  6. socrates

    ADATA launches free online repair tool for USB Flash Drives

    ADATA launches free online repair tool for USB Flash Drives
  7. socrates

    Recent study shows Android phone repair cost telcos billions

    Recent study shows Android phone repair cost telcos billions I wonder if this will have serious repercussions in future for Mobile OS's. Of course in India subscriber buy their own phones so for the first year the cost is borne by the manufacturer ie is assuming they will service the phones...
  8. a_medico

    Kindle-3 repair in India / Mumbai?

    I have Kindle 3 ordered from Amazon, US. Worked well for more than a year and half. It suddenly froze since yesterday and is having blank white screen. Tried all the hard reset settings given on net. Doesn't work. Is there anyone who can repair it in India, preferably in Mumbai or Pune?
  9. Ayuclack

    Corsair PSU Problem...

    I recently ordered a Corsair GS 600 For My Computer but the guys from corsair sent CX 600 V2 instead to My Dealer...(He Is The Biggest In Here) ...So When i Refused to take the CX 600 he Called The Corsair and Guy and let him talk to me,,the guy said that there is not much diffrence in CX600 and...
  10. nvrmndryo

    Reliable and best iphone repair shop in pune ?

    hi , i need to repair my iphone 2g , I gave it to one mobile repair shop in Pune(J.M.ROAD) , n he screwed it up , and my 650 bucks gone to flush .. So in anyone knows the mobile repair shop which will repair my iphone 2g without cheating and who are expert on iphone's. Sad thing we don't have...
  11. M

    Viewsonic Monitor problem

    Seemed like this was the place to post hardware related queries so here goes: Viewsonic VA1912w. 19 inch monitor. Purchased 3 years back, warranty is over. During the last few months of warranty, it developed a strange problem(which was fixed but now has resurfaced again!). When I turn on...
  12. anagh.k1

    Harddisk error

    harddisk is not booting.if i try ubuntu it shows this error: DBus error org.gtk.Private.RemoteVolumeMonitor.Failed: An operation is already pending. if i use gparted to check the partition for errors it shows the following: GParted 0.7.0 --enable-libparted-dmraid Libparted 2.3 Check and...
  13. Scientia Wiz

    How to scan and repair windows 7 corrupted files !

    Here is how you can repair corrupted windows 7 files: ■Click Start button and then type cmd in the Start Search box. In the search results list, right-click Command Prompt / cmd, and then click Run as Administrator. Run command prompt as administrator ■Type following command and press...
  14. NitrousNavneet

    [SOLVED] Runtime Error 399

    What is this ? How can I repair it ?
  15. jatt

    HP Deskjet 4488 printer problem

    Dear frnds, Here is HP DeskJet 4488 printer. It’s not working with color cartridge while working well with only single cartridge (black).Replaced cartridges with new one. But no solution. And after that I replaced its complete cartridge set with another working printer but no solution. Please...
  16. mohityadavx

    [Solved] Can't install windows

    Hi! My frnd lappy got corrupted recently at startup it showed Bootloader missing . He is having Windows 7 So i made a system repair disc and started the automatic startup repair but now it showed can't save startup changes. All this made me angry so i decided to have a complete...
  17. B

    Very Bad Service By NOKIA

    I had purchased my Nokia x6 8GB handset on 16th Nov 2010. I am a Student & I know how to use mobile and other Electronics gadgets safely & efficiently.I use my Nokia X6 for data transfer between my computer & mobile using the usb cable provided by NOKIA.Last week,after transferring...
  18. G

    If You Had Your Own Computer Troubleshooting Centre

    Hello everyone! I am starting a new computer service center, and im looking for active ideas to make my pc repair unit more customer friendly as well as to provide high tech support..and of course..increase the rep and net profit of my pc repair unit. If you had your own computer service...
  19. bajaj151

    No Display !!

    Problem : No display but pc boots Already Checked : 1) Ram 2) Ram Slots 3) Power Supply 4) CMOS Battery 5) Cables Went to Repair shop yesterday....person told me..there is problem in Green chip (Motherboard: 915GAV) which cost Rs 800..?? Is is possible to repair chip ??
  20. R

    Ide hard disk is not working

    Hello guys my 320 gb ide hard disk is not detected by bios it is not running now im unable to acess my data is there any chances to repair hdd as my pc is older configuration and no sata port can any body tell me where i can repair my hdd
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