1. Skyh3ck

    Toshiba 500 GB hard disk error, how to fix !!!

    i have a Lenovo B490 laptop with Toshiba 500 GB hard disk in windows 7 it shows my hard disk is broken and may fail soon completely, the pc hangs up a lot, but on ubunutu, mint it works fine without any problem. Can you guys please show me some good ISO image like linux or any app to repair...
  2. S

    Nokia BH-221 Handsfree Problem

    Dear all, I have a nokia bh-221, i used it already near about one year.but in some week within 1 hour battery totally down , as per nokia they didn't repair out of warranty Bluetooth Headphone, so can anyone tell me in kolkata where should i go for repair this thing. pls help guys...
  3. ithehappy

    A good place to repair Logitech G9?

    Don't really know where to crate this topic. I have a Logitech G9 mouse, which I have used extensively for more than five years, but then it stated giving some connection problems as the cable came slightly loose from the mouse chassis, and the side buttons needed to be hard pressed along with...
  4. I

    Shall I upgrade my desktop for running Windows 8?

    Hi, I have an age old desktop computer (assembled in early 2007) with the following configuration: Processor: Intel Pentium D Hard Disk: 80GB Seagete RAM: 512MB It's out of service for last 6 months almost because of some problem in mother-board. The mother-board is an AsRock...
  5. vijju6091

    PS2 Games Suggestion

    First of all sorry for posting the this post in Wrong Thread. Hey Guys, Few Days Back my PS3 Died and I went to repair center They Are saying that It is Difficult to repair now as it is quite old. SO Till the PS4 Arrives i am stuck with my old Ps2 and Few Games that i have. I have played...
  6. reddick

    Laptop freezes after connected with HDMI Cable

    Hi Friends! I've Dell Inspiron 15 Lappy with following configurations :- i3 Core Processor 4GB RAM 350 GB HDD Inbuilt Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit The problem is that today I tried to cpnnect my laptop to LCD TV via HDMI Cable. After connecting , d lappy works so slowly and it...
  7. saikiasunny

    Weird pc problem

    Hello Digitians! I am facing a weird problem with my pc. My pc was working fine. But yesterday when i turned on my pc, it restarted at the logon screen. I tried again, this time it asked me for startup repair. During the repair, it crashed again and showed a BSOD. Now the problem is it...
  8. A

    Nokia E72 power IC

    Try contacting the repair man
  9. S

    Genuine Laptop Repair in Kolkata ?

    Dear guys, i have old laptop HP Compaq NX6115 & it has some problem with HDD & mobo, frequent shutdown & overheat. I want to repair it, can u guys tell me where i go for repair in kolkata,i go for service center on hp but they estimate for repair very high.For this reason i want to repair...
  10. topgear

    [Complaint] MSI Graphic card RMA - Solved

    ---------------- Update Most Recent Call ID No. - CLG311628984 31st May : MSI HD6850 graphic card submitted for RMA into Digicare Kolkata branch. 5th June : Got the card repaired. 12th June : Due to non functionality of the card again submitted into the same branch of Digicare and after that...
  11. R

    Brand New Laptop Keys falling out ! HELP

    Hello there, Need your expertise big time. I live in UAE. I bought a new Lenovo G580 Laptop and after using for a day the ESC key has come out. I could fix it back but it broke again.Now its fixed again. Is this a easy to detach keyboard or something is defective ? Its been just 48HRS since I...
  12. TheMost

    Advice for Graphic card ( repair or new purchase )

    Guys I have some problem with my graphic card and that started to give me some problem. Details of problem I don't have an idea whether to repair this - worth the repair or I should buy a new one. If repairing this is a good idea any idea where can this card be repaired in chennai :| ...
  13. A

    warranty issue

    i had purchased xperia p from in DEC 2012, 3-4 days back i got some speaker problem, so i came to Sony customer care, they check my IMEI no and told me that this product is not sold in this country and we cant be able to repair it under warranty. Then i called buytheprice, they...
  14. arjoonpk

    [Query] phone scratch repair

    guyss please tell me if there is an option to replace the scratched body parts of my mobile... I have a Samsung Galaxy S Advance... last week it fell from my hand and i scratched the front steel like colored panel...:cry: Is there any way i could buy the front housing part of the phone...
  15. Nerevarine

    Pantech burst repair

    My cousin's birthday is coming up and I and my bro have decided to give him Pantech Burst as a gift.. Since it is an imported phone, what happens when it malfunctions..? there are no service centers in india and will local shops repair the phone ? Anyone have any experience regarding this ?
  16. N

    Urgent help required regarding motherboard selection.

    Hi all, I have a AMD based desktop, but the problem now is my Gigabyte (GA-MA78GPM-DS2H) motherboard is not working. I already gone to Gigabyte Delhi (Nehru place) service center for repair the same but they refuse to take it. They said we only handle warranty product only. What a worst...
  17. M

    [Query] Xfx nvidia 9800 gtx+ service centre in kolkata ?

    Hi, my 4 year old xfx 9800 gtx+ has gone bad and i cant boot my pc with it anymore (shows black screen on boot up). I dont think after 4 years the warranty will be valid, so i want to repair it. Can anyone tell where in kolkata is the repair centre for xfx or nvidia graphics card ?
  18. arsenalfan001

    [Help] Sony refusing to repair water damaged phone

    Yesterday I visited the Sony service center Name: Teknoplaza Address:CD-96, Salt Lake City Kolkata, West Bengal Contact Number:23599787 to repair my xperia arc. The earpiece is not working but if I route the audio through loudspeaker, it is working fine. The lady at the...
  19. S

    unable to remove/ repair visual c++

    i tried to remove or repair visual c++ on my laptop... but it is stuck at this : it is unable to find vc_red.msi package.. i guess because of some problem with visual c++ my assassin's creed 3 is stuck at the first screen!!! what is the solution??
  20. cute.bandar

    Anywhere in delhi where I can get a chinese media player fixed

    So I made the mistake of buying this media player. It ran a few times , then went kaput. Is there any shop in delhi that can fix this ? OR atleast have a look at it ? Would laptop repair guys be of any help ? I tried a local tv repair shop, but they said they wouldn't be able to fix this ...
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