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Pantech burst repair


My cousin's birthday is coming up and I and my bro have decided to give him Pantech Burst as a gift..
Since it is an imported phone, what happens when it malfunctions..? there are no service centers in india and will local shops repair the phone ?
Anyone have any experience regarding this ?


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You'll have to ship it back to the States.
@pratyush997 even if he bought it here from a shop I doubt they can do much about fixing it here. Also phones don't have international warranty.


The problem is, there are NO huawei service in his area... Thats why I am a bit skeptical

Anyone have any experience regarding huawei service ? I dont want the best bang for the buck for him.. I just want a reliable android


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I bought Pantech from ebay seller in my city and when some display issue was there, he replaced it. So better get it from some seller in your city, so if something goes wrong, you can replace it asap. :)
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