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  1. webgenius

    Problem with e-bay payment

    Hi, I purchased an item in ebay today. I gave my credit card info, and after clicking on the SUBMIT button I got no confirmation regarding the purchase. But when I saw the number of items remaining with the seller, it was down by one. How do I know now whether the purchase was successful or not?
  2. vamsi_krishna

    harddisk sharing in winxp

    hello, One of my friend has a internet connection. He has TATA Broad Band 256kb/s internet connection and he shares it to three systems through a D-link hub. Now he wants to access all the files in any computer. For Example: the entire harddisk(partition) of system1 should be...
  3. narangz

    Vista Sidebar & Power Query

    Hi! I want to remove the greyish/blackish effect in the Vista sidebar area. Is it possible? Secondly my laptop Compaq V3425AU shows the battery power remaining in percentage only. I want it to show the remaining time also. Please suggest some way. Thank you!
  4. praka123

    Vista sets 2007 land-speed record for copying and deleting

    It's been almost nine months since we first reported on Windows Vista's inability to copy, delete and move files without stalling indefinitely, and yet the problem continues. Screenshots relayed this week by two Reg readers say it better than we ever could. "48167 Days and 23 hours...
  5. R

    how to recover space in harddisk?

    i have a 120 gb hrddisk......however only 100 gb is available....how to recover the remaining 20 gb? thanks.
  6. D

    Windows XP SP2 activated already!!

    I have Windows XP SP2 installed and I have already activated it. But when I boot it, it says " _____ days remaining. Do you want to activate now?". When I press YES, it shows a window saying "Windows already activated. Click OK to continue". Now, I cannot boot into windows because the days...
  7. godling

    Rapidshare Premium!

    I'm in need of a rapidshare premium account (lol, but I really am) for downloading a 112MB file. Just cannot get a free slot. If someone has a day left, or a few hours remaining, please PM me the details. I promise not to change it , irrespective of the time left. Thanks.
  8. godling

    Rapidshare Premium!

    I'm in need of a rapidshare premium account (lol, but I really am) for downloading a 112MB file. Just cannot get a free slot. If someone has a day left, or a few hours remaining, please PM me the details. I promise not to change it, irrespective of the time left. Thanks.
  9. D

    How to crete logical partition

    Dear friends, I have 4 drives namely c, d, e and f. But recently i split f drive so that i can install red hat on it. But now i am unable to resize the f drive, so that remaining space is going wasted. My partition is like this C: primary D, E, F: logical Help please
  10. Kniwor

    XFX 6600GT 128Mb GDDR3 PCI-E

    Here's the card. XFX - Products GeForce™ 6600 : Models The card comes with original box, cables etc. Approx 1-1.5 years old, so remaining warranty left. No issues whatsoever. Expecting : 3.5k
  11. V

    Whr is 2 Gb ?

    Hi all, My computer shows only 38 gb of hard disk. But am using 40 gb HDD. Whr the remaining 2 gb gone ??? Anybody pls help !!!!!!!!!
  12. pushkaraj

    HDD not detected sometimes

    I have connected 3 sata hdd(80 + 40 + 40) to my amd athlon 3200+ with 512 mb ram.The smps is 350W. I also have a LG dvd writer and a cmi8738 sound card. My xp is installed on one of the partitions of the 80 gb hd. Sometimes one of the remaining two hd is not detected in the POST and then it also...
  13. adit_sen

    Serious Ubuntu Battery Problem

    Hi all.. Ubuntu Edgy run's great when i'm plugged in, but the moment I switch to my battery on my laptop, I get a funny problem. I get a message '99% battery remaining, 6minutes remaining'. Then it goes to '97% battery remaining. Critical power. 2minutes remaining'. And finally it goes to 96%...
  14. JBP

    Where is my hard disk space?

    I purchased a new ssystem with 2.66Ghz dual processor and D101 motherboard. In my system I' able to see only 16GB. Where the remaining 64GB gone in my hard disk. Can anyone suggest how to get remaining hard disk space?
  15. M

    Fs:xfx 6600gt Agp

    XFX 6600GT AGP Dated 11/6/2006. Edit: No personal information please The warranty is for 3 yrs and importer rashi peripherals. The remaining warranty is yours. my motherboard bloody messed up and have brought a new PCI-E motherboard.
  16. paragkalra

    FC5 is full of bugs!

    I am sorry to say that FC5 is full of bugs specially the installation procedure. I downloaded FC5 cds out of which fourth cd was corrupt. My CD-rom was unable to detect it. I had to again download the fourth cd. The night mare didn't ended here. i was finally able to install linux from cdrom but...
  17. Ishan

    no booting

    when i start my pc, it doesn't gives a beep and the sysem doesn't boots. However my processor fan is working fine, even the power lights are remaining on. i have checked all the connections, and even have checked out for Ram problem. But all in vein. What should I do??
  18. R


    Hi whenever i move my pointer over the battery icon in the taskbar the charge remaining is shown behind the taskbar.what can i do to make it appear in the foreground?
  19. T

    incomplete torrent

    Hi Guys... I downloaded a rar file using a torrent. However, as soon as the last 256 KB are left, the health becomes 00%. The total file size is 654 MB and only due to the last remaining 256 KB, the file is not opening. Is there any way to convert the .bt! file to rar file? Manual renaming...
  20. I

    Windows XP Pro Bootable CD

    hi, i just downloaded an iso of xp pro with integrated sp2, and i found that the whole size is just 582 mb. i thought it would be a shame to waste the remaining 100+ mb available, so can anyone recommend some useful softwares to burn? happy new year thx
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