1. Flash

    NASA Just Released a Bunch of Its Software for Free

    NASA has just released its 2017-2018 software catalogue, and everything is available for free download, without any royalty or copyright fees. This is the third time NASA has released such a compilation as part of its Technology Transfer Program. The catalogue includes a tonne of software...
  2. chimera201

    Playdead's INSIDE

    Hunted and alone, a boy finds himself drawn into the center of a dark project. Inside is an puzzle platformer adventure video game developed by Playdead, their second title after Limbo, released in 2010 to high critical praise. The game is thematically and visually similar to Limbo, where the...
  3. E

    The next Unreal Tournament to be released free.

    How awesome it that?
  4. Zangetsu

    Street Fighter V Discussion thread

    The game is set to be released in February 2016 for the PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Linux, and will feature cross-platform play between the three platforms. Unreal 4 engine is used this time New to this game is the "V-Gauge", which builds as the player receives attacks and adds three...
  5. warfreak

    Unreal Tournament (2015)

    Game:Unreal Tournament Developer: Crowdsouced Publisher: Epic Games Platform: PC Some of you might already be aware, the new Unreal Tournament is here!!! This deserves a thread of its own! The new thing they are trying this time is that the development is croudsourced will be driven by a...
  6. RageshAntony

    When Nvidia Gtx 950 going to be released in India ?

    I am assembling a Rig with Gtx 750ti 2GB. I get paused since the Gtx 950 going to be released by Nvidia .. The USA sites tell it will be released at Aug 20. My question is 1) What is official release date in India ? At what date it available at local dealers ? 2) What is expected...
  7. Alok

    Xbox One's D4 Coming to PC

    Xbox One murder mystery game D4: Dark Dream's Don't Die is coming to PC. Director Hidetaka Suehiro, who is perhaps better known by his nickname, Swery, announced the news today in Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu and on Twitter. "Yes. D4 will be release for PC. #ThanksObama," he wrote. Back in...
  8. Cyberghost


    WWE 2K15 ushers in a new era of WWE video games! WWE 2K15 brings the hardest hitting and most fluid WWE gameplay to date, closer than ever to what fans see on WWE TV. With significant gameplay enhancements, a presentation overhaul, and all-new MyCAREER and 2K Showcase game modes, WWE 2K15...
  9. sam_738844

    Star Wars : Battlefront it is.. :D :D Star Wars Battlefront Trailer Released:
  10. ico

    Just donated to Firefox!

    Feeling good. Only a small donation of $3. I was a Netscape user and shifted to Firefox when 0.8 PR was released. Then Opera became my default browser for a good 3 years, and then Firefox again. Firefox 1.0 was released around the same time 10 years back. So felt like doing it.
  11. I

    Relaese date of 930

    Can anyone have idea when Nokia Lumia 930 will be released? Please help I am eagerly waiting for that.
  12. gohan89

    Release date of Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

    I am waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4..When will it be released in India and what is its price?
  13. ashutosh_jain

    [Want to Buy] Minibeam projector

    do you know where i can buy this?? is it even released yet?
  14. M


    Have you people tried playing bleed ? The trailer was mind blowing. Bleed has been released!!
  15. gohan89

    Need advise for tablet and smartphone!!!

    I am interested in buying the Sony Xperia SP and the Nexus 7 32GB 3G tablet. I wanted to know when will the LTE/4g version of the Xperia SP be released in the Indian Market and what will its price be? Is 4g really worth waiting for? I saw reports on the internet that the Nexus 7 second...
  16. Theodre

    Gnome 3.8 Released!!

    The GNOME Desktop Environment which is one of the most popular DE in the linux community have released their latest version 3.8. The latest version comes with a lot of improvements (ofcourse :) ) One of the main focus being the privacy and one of the main change being the applications showing...
  17. aal-ok

    ddr1 graphic card

    i have M7VIG 400 mother board and i want to buy a graphic card for it under 2k i want to play games released about the year 2007-8-9 please reply
  18. Nerevarine

    Galaxy S2 Plus

    Gonna be released next month.. its rumored to be much cheaper than Galaxy Grand..If so, L9 has a competitor finally..
  19. randomuser111

    Sony Xperia Z Kernel Source Released Prior to Worldwide Device Launch

    One of the most highly-anticipated devices debuted at CES 2013 is the Sony Xperia Z. With a 5″ 1080p screen with a ~441 ppi, sitting atop a quad-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm S4 Pro with 2 gigs RAM and a 13.1 MP camera, there’s no doubt that anticipation is warranted. With the device recently released in...
  20. hari1

    What happended to digit os?

    I was reading old issues of digit today and I read about the Digit OS. It was a customized version of Ubuntu with many software's preinatalld and Ubuntu icon replaced with 'D's icon:-) But no new version was released later. What do you think about it? I really feel that Digit should start making...
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