Gonna be released next month.. its rumored to be much cheaper than Galaxy Grand..If so, L9 has a competitor finally..


Samsung phone with these specs: Samsung I9105 Galaxy S II Plus - Full phone specifications

Price will be a key factor here, to beat L9 this have to come at 20k or lower, but again will you pick this over L9 with just 1650mah battery? One of the key reasons I got the L9 was due to its 2150mah battery.
i comply with what you said on pricing. but if one can carry an extra battery, i'll pick s2 plus over L9 just for way much better cam(stills n video) quality,audio and screen(i know its more vivid than natural but i like it that way on small screens & it sucks much less power). presuming it wil have good dev support like the old s2 and JB out of the box, calls for a better buy than L9 wid LG's pathetic update support.
PS: only if priced right.
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