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  1. GhorMaanas

    Download-hiccups in DownThemAll & Firefox

    Hello! some days back, i had uninstalled and reinstalled firefox to a different location on my pc. hadn't deleted user data and add-ons. after that, i was trying to download evernote, using downthemall and firefox's native downloader, but the file would simply not download. DTA would give the...
  2. ghantaukay

    Mouse cursor disappears and cannot type

    Lately, while using Word or Excel I notice the page refreshing (a slight blip) and the cursor disappears and then the keyboard stops responding and I have to click the mouse for the program to continue and then it happens again and again. This happens even in Notepad. I think it must be a driver...
  3. sam142000

    battlefield 3 online playing problem

    I get this error everytime I try to log into any server. "Game disconnected: could not join server" OR sometimes "Cannot connect: EA online"(something like this) Already tried: Reinstalled Origin, the game itself, the ESN sonar thing. Clearing browser cache Using different browser...
  4. theserpent

    Great Now Audio Not working

    Hey guys.My speaker is connected to the computer(it works in my lappy) but not in my computer. Errr what to do?? reinstalled drivers everything
  5. I

    GENERIC 32 Host Services - problem..

    Hello! I am facing some problem in my PC from a couple of days. I reinstalled OS in my system 2 days back & then installed Antivirus & my daily use softwares. But, now, whenever while browsing, open 2 or 3 sites simultaneously, suddenly a message pops up with the heading GENERIC 32 HOST...
  6. S

    Windows seven boot problem

    first i had windows seven and windows xp both installed on different drives at that time i was able to boot in any one of them as the boot file that time was the windows 7 ones. But now due to some problem i formatted windows xp and reinstalled it and from that time i cannot boot in to windows...
  7. Revolution

    Audio Problem!

    My OS is Windows XP SP3. Recently I got wearied audio problem. When I play any thing the sound is like scratchy old record/cassette. So is very low,but the music is higher than voice. I have uninstalled and then reinstalled audio driver but didn't work. Then I have uninstalled and then...
  8. sagnik_bose

    Heur Trojan

    i'm running a computer with winxp sp2 i have a 160gb hdd wid 2 partitions one with xp installed and d other contains my data.few days ago my com got infected with heur trjan none of the av coukd remove it so i formatted and reinstalled xp.but 2 my surprise wen i tried 2 install d softwares from...
  9. Log_net2

    need urgent help please

    my cousin husband asked me to reinstalled his corrupt windows; without second thought i did it for him :(. I boot with UBCD and live linux to move important files from his c drive but i forgot to have a deeper look into his my document where he stored important photos and documents (he dont...
  10. rhitwick

    VLC gone kaput!!!

    Guys, for the last few (2-3) days my VLC player is throwing some errors. Check the screenshot please. I've already un-installed and reinstalled it. But all in-vain. Please help me repair it.
  11. S

    firefox image blocking is not working

    i cnt block all images for 1 site using firefox i even reinstalled firefox but to no use:confused:
  12. radonryder

    my downloads stop halfway>>

    guys iv been having this problem for the last 2 months.... whenever i try to download any file from any site it stops halfway..... torrents work normally but speeds are verry slow[earlier i used to get above 50kbps now i get 20-25Max] internet downlaod manager works...but i cant use it to...
  13. R

    LAN driver problem

    I recently reinstalled windows xp on my Dell Inspiron 640M laptop and also reinstalled all the drivers required. I find that I am not able to use LAN connection alone tough I am successfully able to use Wireless LAN. I also use Ubuntu linux on my computer in which I am able to use LAN for samba...
  14. hullap

    Problem while installin packages(ubuntu)

    :mad: i downloaded secondlife installer from www.getdeb.com .but due to power cut my computer shut up. Now whenever i install any package(only tried .deb) or open any package manager like synaptic or use apt i get error PLEASE HELP
  15. rohan

    BSOD and abrupt restart while playing Half Life 2: Episode Two

    I recently downloaded Half Life 2: episode two via steam. It launches fine and the intro video plays fine. But when the actual game starts.. after i make a few movements.. a blue screen is shown. A totally blue screen. There is nothing written on it.. it's just a blue screen. I reinstalled...
  16. Chetan1991

    Data on DVD vanished!!!!!!

    Guys, Once I scanned a Digit DVD with McAfee antivirus.After that, I saw only one folder in it, and on reopening,there was nothing on the DVD!!!!!! I've also reinstalled my OS after that but still the DVD appears blank.Please help me.
  17. enticer86

    Windows XP Activation

    TOday i formatted my pc and reinstalled WIN XP PROfessional edition (I use genuine stuff). Everythin went fine till the windows were installed.. then at the screen fr activation, i tried to activate it over the net.. TO my shock, the Microsft ppl said tht it cant b activated See the image...
  18. harryneopotter

    Invisible DVD RW

    Hi guys ... I have Asus M2NPV-VM Mobo and lite on 20x dvdrw and i am facing a little prob .... I tried the Tutorial for changing the default dialogue boxes in XP, using resource hacker. i modified Shell32.dll, timedate.cpl and msgina.dll. after replacing these files ..when i rebooted my...
  19. pritzdj

    RAM degraded.... !!!!

    Hi All, I am using a AMD Athlon machine (512 MB RAM, ASUS Motherboard)......... couple of days ago my 512 MB of RAM suddenly showing 384 MB of RAM...... Previously i thought that my OS (Win XP Pro [Original]) giving those creepy Hardware Config...... but i formated and reinstalled it...
  20. D

    Restart = Reinstall XP!!!!

    Hi there! I have a grave problem. A few days ago, XP did not boot, so i reinstalled it. The next day, I was unable to boot XP, so I reinstalled again. It seems that whenever I restart, Windows XP never loads. I gives me random errors, saying that my hard disk is corrupt, rundll32 is missing, and...
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