1. Inceptionist

    Diploma In Information Security Management

    I came across this course in security management which is being conducted by IDEMI which comes under MSME (Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises) I wanted to do a course in network security but I was hesitating as there are many shady courses without any proper recognition. But as this...
  2. V

    SATA HDD ISSUE : Hard disk receives powers but doesn't get recognized.

    My system configuration is as follows: Pentium dual-core E5500 @ 2.80GHz 4.00 GB DDR3 RAM HL-DT-ST dvdram gh24ns72 ata (DVD SATA drive) Seagate Barracuda LP ST2000DL003 (SATA HDD) Seagate PM - ST3160215A (IDE HDD) Nvidia GeForce 210 1GB graphics ASUS P5G4 IC-M LX Motherboard Windows 7...
  3. theserpent

    LG Announces Optimus G Pro Eye Recognition Feature Hours Before S4 Launc | Well Well! LG Announces Optimus G Pro Eye Recognition Feature Hours Before S4 Launch - LG>Samsung IMO If you ask me why 1)Their phones are VFM 2)Better products and pricing But how to make most of the Indians understand that LG,Sony make better android phones?
  4. A

    Can SWYPE/Predictive Text/Voice Recognition push Hardware QWERTY to obsolence?

    Now Smartphones have packed lot of ammunition to push out Hardware QWERTY out of the market. of course there nothing comfortable as hardware qwerty but they are taking up space on the gadget. The larger screens of smartphones ofter bigger keys in landscape mode, besides things like SWYPE...
  5. balakrish

    Speech Recognition for ubuntu!

    Hi friend! I'm in need of a software like windows speech recognition on Linux. I don't need that exact software but i need the software which can be developed for my college project. So please help me. Thanks, Balakrish
  6. abhidev

    Apple to launch iTV by Q3 2012

    Apple will launch the television in two sizes - 32-inch and 37-inch models. Previous rumours have indicated that Apple will launch a full size television, which will be based their Siri voice recognition software, thus removing the need for remote controls. Source-->Tech 2
  7. K

    Good Headphone for voice to text

    I want to purchase a good microphone for voice to text purposes. the microphone should have good sensitivity which will help in accurate recognition of spoken words. I Plan to use the headphones with Dragon Naturally Speaking Software that is used for voice to text purpose. I have not decided on...
  8. vik.1912

    Project "Face Recognition"

    Hey Guyz, I need help in determining how to get started on a project based on "FACE RECOGNITION AND TAGGING SYSTEM" OBJECTIVES: 1.Tag a face and save it in the database 2.Use the DB to search for a particular face from a bunch of pics. plz suggest: # Developing Platform / language...
  9. D

    Why Tablet PC has not replaced copies,registers ?

    Tablet PC is an interesting gadget for most of us. Infact any person who uses pc must have atleast once checked this gadget. It's size, touch screen and especially hand writting recognition software are some features which can make it replace copies,registers,notepads etc in our daily life...
  10. NewsBytes

    Siri Offers iPhone Users Assistance via Voice [free download]

      Claimed to be "speech recognition with a brain", Siri enables your iPhone to organise your social life – collaborating with various sites to let book restaurant tables (OpenTable), movie tickets (MovieTickets), events (StubHub), and taxis (TaxiMagic), as well as get reviews of the...
  11. abhinandh

    Handwriting recognition interface appears in iPhone Software 2.0

    The latest private beta of Apple's upcoming iPhone Software v2.0 includes a handwriting recognition interface for the Chinese language, according to a new report. AppleInsider reader Kenneth notes that build 5A258f of the impending software update adds several new Chinese input methods under...
  12. V

    Face Recognition in any computer with Webcam

    Face Recognition in any computer with Webcam ! :o See : *
  13. jal_desai

    Voice recognition using Java.... How to????

    hi ppl/.... hope ur all good.. well i have a query.. i have selected voice recognition using Java as my 6month project in final year... are there any API s or algorithms avai;lable to get sound from microphone and after matching it with already stored reference phrases, trigger some event on the...
  14. M

    IBM launches Hindi speech recognition technology

    View: [ meraTechSpace ] Software major IBM has developed a speech recognition technology in Hindi which would help physically challenged and less literate Hindi speakers access information through a variety of applications. The Desktop Hindi Speech Recognition Technology developed by the...
  15. anandk

    Leopard hacked beyond recognition and not even out yet!

    "Mac OS X Leopard Is a Joke Compared to Windows Vista - Leopard hacked beyond recognition and not even out yet!" *
  16. iMav

    Vista Voice Recognition

    * take a look at the vdo ... i dont need to say nething PS: all voice recognition softwares are the same iv tried a paid 1 also it was a horrible experience ...
  17. krates

    windows vista has a free software worth 11,542

    Read At A Tech Mag That A Sound Recognition Software Worth 11,542 Dragon Naturally Speaking And A Similar Software Is Free With Windows Vista Copied From Vista Help And Support What can I do with Speech Recognition? You can use your voice to control your computer. You can say commands...
  18. T

    How good is Lenovo face Recognition?

    I want to know how good lenovo's face recognition software is. Will the laptop work if the thief installs another OS on it after reformatting the same disk?
  19. W

    Want a new laptop within Rs 50000

    Please suggest me which brand will be best. I would like to buy a new laptop within Rs 50000. I would like to have 80 gb hdd & 1 gb ram; No additional add-on required like free printer, face recognition etc .
  20. W

    Vista hacked

    * George Ou after receiving this response says:
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