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Right off the assembly line
I want to purchase a good microphone for voice to text purposes. the microphone should have good sensitivity which will help in accurate recognition of spoken words. I Plan to use the headphones with Dragon Naturally Speaking Software that is used for voice to text purpose. I have not decided on any budget as such, I request you to suggest me headphones in following price range

less than 800/-
less than Rs 1000/-
less than 1500/-

Be kind to mention which is the best microphone for the purpose without giving significance to the price range mentioned. I would be thankful if you suggest headphones costing up to 1000 and not beyond that.:smile:

After submitting this post i did some research about the ideal headset for voice recognition software. I learnt that if your PC does not have a sound card, the best option is to go for USB headset as these have advanced circuitry built in which are more capable than the sound chip integrated in motherboard.

I came across different headsets from reputed manufacturers such as Plantronics, Logitech, Creative and Microsoft. I am quite confused about which one is the best which will give me more accuracy in voice recognition. I plan to buy immediately so would request all of you to help me as early as possible.

Thank you.
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