1. vinit suri

    over riding finger print recognition in hp laptops..

    can any one tell me how to over ride finger print HP laptops.........coz my cousin came home n set his finger print as the password.....n now he s gone back.......n laptops locked.......i hav called the technician but he can come only after 13 plzzzzzzzzz help...
  2. Apollo

    Vista has Speech Recognition hole

    [B] Source
  3. nil_3

    Optical Character Recognition in Indian regiuonal languages.

    Whether there is any Optical Character Recognition software in Indian regional languages, say Bengalee. Also, Whether the ABBY Finereader can be used in any way to do it.
  4. srikanthgss

    Face Recognition

    Is there a free face recognition software available for Windows log on ? I've googled for it but it was of not much help. Thanks in advance
  5. nishant_nms

    Micrsoft speech problem

    I had accidently removed Speech from Text Services and Input Languages. Now I want to get it back so I can use Speech recognition. Help me out. thanks in advance
  6. nithinks

    speech recognition problem!!!

    I use win xp 1.9ghz, 128MB ram system. When i open speech recognition of MS Word, I am getting a error saying "speech recognition requires 400mhz or 128mb memory" Earlier this message wasn't appeared. How to getrid of this messasge? (I used speech recognition several times,earlier)...
  7. lahratla

    Suggest a Good Voice Recognition Software

    Please suggest a good voice recognition software (freeware/shareware) that can translate into text whatever is spoken through a microphone and where I can download it?
  8. M

    speech recogniton software

    dear friends, will anyone plz tell me some great bspeech recognition software and the source/site from where to get it?
  9. whoopy_whale

    Speech recognition

    I am looking for a speech-text software.If you know about any good software(downloadable) please mention about it here. Thanks
  10. A

    Please help me regarding software for voice recognition ..

    hi! can any of you suggest me a software for voice recognition? the software must be very good and should understand different accents very easily. i would be very thankful! Edited Batty] Subject made relevant ..
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