Why Tablet PC has not replaced copies,registers ?

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Tablet PC is an interesting gadget for most of us. Infact any person who uses pc must have atleast once checked this gadget.

It's size, touch screen and especially hand writting recognition software are some features which can make it replace copies,registers,notepads etc in our daily life.

What I am really unable to understand is that there is a large number of people who want to carry a small pc along with them everywhere.

The NETBOOKS came and solved this purpose but at the same time we have ebook readers like kindle etc.

What I am thinking is a tablet pc with more evolved hand writting recognition system and better noting and writting pad software.

Would it not be wonderful if you can carry a 10 inch size netbook with touch screen which has impressive hand writing recognition software or an application which just gives you a blank document on which you can write anything or even draw with stylus just like you do on paper ?

I am still baffled why the Hardware and PC Giants haven't seen this large uncapped market. Or why they are reluctant to come up with economically viable tablet pcs for people.

If such tablet pc of 10inch screen with atom or similar kind of processor within 20,000 - 30,000 bucks, I am sure it will be next really BIG thing in computer market.


which can make it replace copies,registers,notepads etc in our daily life.

these things cost u much as 50rs or little more..
i cant see anyone producing a tablet pc producing anywhere near to that cost

Simple answer to ur Simple question
and about the Rest ..yes many companies or developin there own tablet Pcs( like iPAD) ( hp , etc... ) so wait for some time and see the changes that go onn


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First problem: They are way too costly to be used by the masses.
2nd Problem: Our education system is technologically challenged. Schools, expect classwork/homework to be done on physical notebooks. e-notes are still not digested by the edu system.

IMO, it will take a revolution in the system to make it more open to technology....and it may happen in another 20 yrs.

Edit: I have seen some courier companies (specifically blue dart) migrating to e-signatures...so to some extent things are happening..though at a very slow pace.



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yeah things are moving but at very slow pace...Microsoft tried to push tablet PC into mainstream some years back but failed miserably...I do not know if that is still in their priority list. Tablet PCs are good and can really help us save a lot of paper but they are way too expensive as mentioned by posters before me...


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I would like to know who long a Rs 50 register lasts. Moreover my suggested Tablet PC would be worthy more than 1000 registers... with better efficiency. Incase you want to exchange notes, print etc etc it would be more convinient. Moreover with network connectivity options like wifi,bluetooth,ethernet,usb etc you wont even need to print anything... simply pass on to your classmates, colleague etc.
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