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Vista Voice Recognition

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Handwriting recognition in Vista???
Gotta try that.
I tried Handwriting recognition softwares in XP, and they were horrible.
(Or maybe my handwriting is too horrible :D)


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Ya.. Vista has both voice & handwritin recog... my new lappie has vista ultimate in it & i frequently use the voice-recog to impress my friends :D
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Yes,I have seen that vid way back which is too funny..Especially when he says the word-"Print" in diff kinds of tones :lol: ..& Vista speech recognition aint that bad due to presence of a bundle of easy to use commands.
The only difficult part comes especially when typing a document using Vista speech Recognition..which is shown in the video..I have tried it many a times and have failed miserably..But Vista speech Recognition is designed for People who speak English in UK accent;)
But there are ways where u can go under a Voice Training which is totally 4 hrs where Vista identifies/recognizes ur voice accent :)

Currently I am using Dragon Naturally Speaking s/w(Trial version)from Nuance which works under Vista and also has support for Indian English:p.It works like a charm but is meant only for typing documents,text anywhere and not controlling OS navigation such as Vista Speech Recognition:)

For more Videos on Vista Speech Recognition:


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Even i am using Dragon naturally speaking 9.5 With Vista and its really good.
Though it says there is no need of the voice training and one can start directly dictation but i suggest it.
Never used Microsoft voice recognition but been using sucessfully Microsoft Voice commands on windows mobile 6.
Still i dont think there is any significant evolution in voice recognition. May be another 2 yrs from now..
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