1. A

    coupons for myntra

    Do people like to practice promotional codes for online shopping? What is the reason? How can I get the coupons for myntra with an exciting offer? - - - Updated - - - If you could acquire any skill, what would you choose?
  2. R

    GPU fan 100% at idle

    Hello, Today I just started my PC and after welcome screen I observed a strong whining sound. After running HWinfo, it was GPU. I just uninstall my catalyst driver 15.7 and GPU fan settled to normal. I tried with catalyst 13.0 drivers same error occurred. What's the reason. ( I attempt...
  3. reddick

    Software Update 5.1 for Moto G 1st Gen.

    Hi There, I want to ask that did anyone updated his/her Moto G with this current update? If yes, Please share the improvements/differences you had noticed. Whether you guys recommend it to download :?: The reason being I'm asking this is when I updated my Moto G with 5.0 , I did not like...
  4. ico

    Firefox for Android.

    Is the best browser available for the platform. Chrome is Internet Explorer 6 now. No tabs anymore. Slow. Crashes. Eats up batter. No Adblock/Extensions. Another problem with Webkit based browsers is - auto-download of APKs on some websites, automatic opening of Play Store on some websites...
  5. G

    The ulterior motive behind Sonia's defence of Manmohan in the Coalgate affair

    The ulterior motive behind Sonia's defence of Manmohan in the Coalgate affair - Firstpost Looks like the court chose a weak one out of the 200 odd allocations to prosecute Manmohan. You know, gives much more reason to finish the collegium system as quickly as possible.
  6. ico

    Indian grandpa, visiting his son's family in USA, now in hospital, paralyzed after Police beat him

    without any reason. Sad. Grandfather visiting Alabama from India stopped by police while taking walk, left partly paralyzed |
  7. R

    Samsung S5 vs Samsung Note 3 vs Xperia z2

    Dear friend , Please compare phone : Samsung S5 vs Samsung Note 3 vs Xperia z2 Which phone is better and please mention with reason . Which phone will buy in this range.
  8. B

    What happened to my opera Title Bar..?

    i have reinstalled my win 7 from 32bit to 64bit yesterday. then i installed opera 26.0. But the task bar is not clear, i don't know what is the reason. my firefox is fine. Any one know what is the reason for this i have added image.
  9. Chetan1991

    What's the best Windows Explorer alternative?

    Occasionally Windows Explorer on my laptop starts to consume 25% processing power and the fan goes in overdrive, and system to heat up, for apparently no reason. What could be the reason of this? What's the best alternative to explorer with great integration, features, stability and...
  10. ithehappy

    Back to back BSOD!

    I was playing BF4 and had BSOD in less than three hours! This is in a long while I have had this many number of BSOD. What could be the reason? Is there any kind of logger which can record what's going on actually?
  11. rickenjus

    PC's date changing automatically

    My computer's date is changing automatically whenever I shut down it down. What could be the possible reason and solution??
  12. avichandana20000

    Teamviewer authentication failed

    I am trying to connect to a LAPTOP which is in Bangladesh through TEAMVIEWER 9. After giving ID and PASWORD it shows "authenticating" and then after a minute it shows "authentication rejected". we are both having same version of teamviewer what is the reason?
  13. A

    PSU blown

    The PSU in my PC just blew up this morning when I tried to turn it on. There was a thick white smoke coming out of it. Just gave it to kaizen infoserve for RMA, guys are my other parts also gone? Or are they safe.. What could be the reason behind it exploding like this? Specs are mentioned in...
  14. A

    buying ps vita

    Hey guys i have read in the forum somewhere i don't rememmber that vita is not worth buying. I just wanted to know the reason as i will buy it afer i move to my college.
  15. GhorMaanas

    Software to download videos off non-youtube websites

    Hello! could someone please tell me about any software that can download videos from sites other than youtube? like from, and likewise. i tried realdownloader, but for some reason, it isn't working on my PC (ie, the bar that's supposed to appear on top right-hand corner isn't...
  16. F

    Nokia Asha 210 Availability

    I want to buy Nokia Asha 210, its released but still not available. Any ideas what could be the reason ? And when would it be availble ?

    [Praise] The reason I <3 Corsair

    Got TX650M as a VX450 replacement :-D . Its a modular SMPS.:wink: Less clutter inside.:-) On a serious note, I was rather surprised that a SMPS as reputed as VX450 got burned! But hey, all is well that ends well :mrgreen:
  18. harshilsharma63

    Backup Query

    Hi, I want to know if its sensible to backup the AppData and application Data folder. I do not feel/understand the need to backup these two folders. Please suggest if I should backup them and a reason to do so.
  19. K

    Any exp with buying from Snapdeal?

    Apologies if this seems off-topic. I'm looking for an ultrabook / laptop and seeing the prices on Snapdeal are significantly lower than Flipkart (more than 2K for some models). Not sure about the reason for the price diff. Has anyone purchased from Snapdeal before or knows someone who has...
  20. M

    Suggestions for PC in range of 60K

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Programming, Gaming (Battlefield, Far Cry) at Full HD 2. What...
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