Software Update 5.1 for Moto G 1st Gen.


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Hi There,

I want to ask that did anyone updated his/her Moto G with this current update?
If yes, Please share the improvements/differences you had noticed.
Whether you guys recommend it to download :?:

The reason being I'm asking this is when I updated my Moto G with 5.0 , I did not like it much and missed the earlier interference I used to it.
Thanks a lot for your support :)


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Lollipop ruined everything but 5.1 and 5.1.1 seem to be miles ahead of 5.0 in terms of stability
Still nowhere near Kitkat


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Really...So you're suggesting to install this update?
What were the precautions/instructions to be observed before/after updating the device?

P.S - I'm trying to upload the Screenshot which is resized to 78 KB but it says "Upload Failed" :(

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Anyone wants to share his thoughts here?


I have moto g first gen . I have upgraded to 5.1 . No bugs or problems at all . Battery life too is good . Just like before .


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I am using androind 5.1 on 1st gen moto g and things are improved a lot ... good battery life and not buggy
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