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Any exp with buying from Snapdeal?


Broken In
Apologies if this seems off-topic.

I'm looking for an ultrabook / laptop and seeing the prices on Snapdeal are significantly lower than Flipkart (more than 2K for some models). Not sure about the reason for the price diff. Has anyone purchased from Snapdeal before or knows someone who has shared their experience? I want to make sure that the product & service quality is not compromised against the price.


Geek in making
Dude it is better to spend 2k on fk or check the deal locally but from my side it is a big NO to snapdeal since it has a track record of delay shipping. Better check out saholic for a good and secure deal.


﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ O'RLY?
If the price difference is 2K, then there is surely some configuration difference. Check carefully the differences. Almost all the online website have nearly same prices even after applying discount codes. Except superdeals by HS18, there you will get really good discounts.
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