1. D

    How to find real Social Networking?

    I need to get real information about Social Networking websites here. Which will help us to get real friends from this forum. I would like to share some ideas about Internet and Networking here because i need to get more information about the best facility to work them.
  2. K

    Problem with Real Player

    I downloaded Real Player free edition over internet. But, when I try to install it tries to connect the internet and tells that "Connection not available" though my computer is connected to internet. Why this is so? How can I get aroung the problem?
  3. cute.bandar

    Scam or real

    I am trying to get some work on . Here is something that I am getting URL of the project This is the PM i got from them So they want 20$ from me . I can pay, but i need to know if this is fake or real . Want your opinions people. scam or real ? any experience with...
  4. H

    any idea which is the cheapest GSM phone today?

    planning to gift my baby sis in her high school a cellphone but m running out of cash now and want a real cheap phone. i don't want a locked phone. any suggestions and the prices? i heard there's a phone out there for Rs 799 which was launched recently but can't find it!!
  5. Coool

    Can anyone clarify??

    is this profile trisha krishnan's profile??:-P Trisha Krishnan | Facebook asking because: Uploaded with Don't take it wrong..just wants to know is that real one or not!!:smile:
  6. V

    Pepsi or Lays 50lakh contest..Real or Scam??

    Hi folks, Recently we've seen on tv the Pepsi"Youngistaan ka wow"contest or be it,Lays "your lays Flavour"contest,both offering a grand prize of 50 LAKH rupees.It just doesnt sound right,does it?.So is it for Real or just another brain wash or a Business Trick to make good sales and later fool...
  7. M

    Is this Fake update website of Microsoft ???

    Dear Sir Plzzzz help me i am stuck in mud of www world. My windows xp crashed yesterday. after repairing i have got a supicious act of my IE 8. Automatically it directed to and wants to download some windows Installer 3.1 I think this is...
  8. clmlbx

    Any 1 used or purchased from Bid20?

    Please share your experiences .. Should I buy from their. is it Real ? Or Scam ? ..
  9. G

    Playing videos on N95

    Hi I recently bought a second hand N-95. It had 11.0 version installed on it. I was able to play videos on it (using default Real Player), But when I updated its software (to 30.0 from Nokia Website), the default real player is not displaying the Video, it is only playing the Audio. It gives...
  10. dreams

    Digitian's real names..

    Hi all digitians, We all know each other by their display name, but some know some others real name. Let us use this thread for yelling out each and every members real name. Please be honest!!! Let me start it, Real name - Chandru Location - Chennai (Optional) Work Location - Gurgaon...
  11. static_x

    Transcend 64GB SSD

    Hi, I've recently installed Transcend's 64 GB Solid State Disk (2.5" IDE) to my desktop. Now I'm using it as the system drive on my desktop with only the OS on it (Win XP Pro SP3). The start up is real fast and it takes only 8-10 secs to boot up my PC. The installed programs are working real...
  12. azzu

    Fujifilm Launches 3D Camera

    Fujifilm has announced the launch of its new imaging technology, the 'FinePix REAL 3D System'. The company claims it to be the world's first 3D (three dimensional) digital imaging system that offers users to view 3D images with naked eye without the need for wearing special 3D glasses. The 3D...
  13. soumya

    Real Reasons for IE 6 Usage!

  14. rajeshjsl 3gp playing problem

    ok i have nokia n70 and using i can play streaming 3gp youtube videos with aac+ audio quality and no errors in streaming . but on pc except real player no player plays the stream . also real player doesnot decode the SBR part of the aac+ audio it simple plays at 22khz which...
  15. U


    folks,,,,,,,,, i installed the RC 1 provided by the digit dvd a couple of months ago and unwittingly used the compcln.exe option as well..\\ now that the sp2 is actually out i can;t install it as it requires the rc1 to be uninstalled wich i can't 'cos of the usage of compcln.exe any...
  16. comp@ddict

    HD 4770 X4(yes, it's real) REVIEW
  17. bhutanesedude

    Help me in my project:

    Can anyone explain me the concept of Relational Model in DBMS with a Real Time example of a University. PLease help......
  18. -anmol-

    Temperature Dilemma

    I have a P5N-E SLI and E6750(Stock) The problem is every other program shows different temperature! CPU temps Asus PC probe - 43c Speed Fan - 44c Real temp - 54c core temp - 49c The BIOS shows it at 44C,now which one should i believe?
  19. kool

    wrong timing of incoming sms !! plz solve!

    I have Nokia 5130 XPRESS MUSIC and it operates on IDEA DELHI Whenever i get any SMS on my phone and i see the message details, it is always showing wrong and some weired timings. i mean if i get a message at 9:00 PM, the message would not show the real time.It will show some irrelevant timing...
  20. pushkar

    Sixth Sense

    I am just giving a video link Just say what you feel about this. Will this be popular if it ever becomes real.
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