1. cooldip10

    Illusion OR real???

    Hey, my 32 MB Graphic CARD (on board) {when I was having 128 MB RAM} changed to 64 MB after incresing the RAM to 384.. is it real or just some error??? My Chipset is INTEL 845 GVSR.. :shock: :shock:
  2. C

    Folder background

    i have Xp - prof and have an ATi card ... what has been happenin is that when i set a black (or a dark) wallpaper, the folders shows a gray edge around then which looks horrible !! so do the my comp, netwrk places , recycle bin , real media file etcetcetc ... i want to get rid of these...
  3. B

    Need recorder for streaming real media, password protected !

    can anyone suggest me a recorder for streaming real media which is password protected !! I have the login and password but none of the recorders i know are useful . I gotta record my online classes !!
  4. harish_21_10

    MFD suggestons

    I wanted to buy an MFD which should have print,fax,scan and copy...suggest me something around 11k or lesser,it should real value for money.
  5. G

    wanted any format to real media converter

    plz help me to find a software which can convert any media format into real media format which is availiable for free.
  6. ejvyas

    Saving Online Steams

    How do I record and save online streaming windows media/ real streaming? I want to save that recording Thanks, -Vs
  7. H

    Note to Real Seriuos Pro Gamers!!

    If u wanna be updated with real pro gaming news.. Here are some sites...register them forget to check out the forums) forums) site from abroad though,first 2 are from India)
  8. I

    cool spy site

    wat dya guys think about dis site? is dis stuff real or its bullsht?
  9. bkpeerless

    midnight outlay shows no vedio

    after installing M.O i can play game but couldnot see the starting vedio ao any vedio. why i have also installed quicktime and real :(
  10. P

    Proxomitron help plz

    I just installed the proxomitron and i am unable to surf with out strating it also the yahoomail buutons like delete and link check all are not working .I am also unale to listen to the real player tries to dowmload something and the jukebox stops. So plz help me.
  11. L

    directx 9c doesnt install

    i have directx 9b installed on my pc. When i try to install direct9c it shows the message "installation complete" immediately but doesnt installs in real. please help i have P4 2.6GHz on 915 board running windows xp(pirated)version 2002 sp2
  12. M

    i find rmvb much better...

    with due regards to the thread run by maverickrohan some time back abt the video codecs...(but i think he didnt consider the real media.....anyway..), i find the real media variable bitrate better than all those others divx xvids and vp62 ... i am using a freeware tool easy real media tools...
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