1. M

    What is Real application cluster?

    I want to know about Real application Cluster. Can anyone tell me about RAC? Thanks in Advance.
  2. theserpent

    Happy bday to sanudigit , CHALLENGER , icebags , buddyram, desai_amogh, ofabhishek

    Happy bday Is it really their Bday or they din't provide their real bday :D
  3. ranjitsd


    i have just created giveaway for Real warfare 2 Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades Giveaway - Created by ranjitsd :-D
  4. TechnoHolic

    Real War Games

    Please tell me about some 1st person shooter games with full team just like [call of duty series/medal of honor/battle field -series] and one thing i don't like i.e. artificial characters/aliens.. need some names of real war game.. Regards
  5. V

    2D to 3D conversion

    How does the 2D to 3D conversion fare in comparison to the real thing?
  6. NoasArcAngel

    Planning to drop a year.

    So i got 49k rank in AIEEE, i know thats bad and now what i was expecting at all totally. So i screwed up my career etc.. I am seriously thinking of dropping a year to prepare for all the competitive exams again with proper guidance and self effort. I know i wont get below 35k next yeat, but...
  7. C


    My local dealer is trying to sell me 4 gb of HCL ram. Anyone used it? Should I buy it? I was planning on corsair xm3... But if says it's real bad... Is it really so? Thanks in advanced
  8. R

    Is this Camera Deal Real or Fake?

    Product: FujiFilm FinePix L30 Real Price: Rs. 4,499/- Discount: 18% Offer Price: Rs. 3,699 Free Gift: Free Reebok sunglasses worth Rs. 2999 + Camera Case + 4 GB memory card Deal Site: Buy FujiFilm FinePix L30 Point and Shoot Black at Lowest Price India Online - Features, Reviews |...
  9. ithehappy

    Real LED's or backlit?

    Well I was waiting long for some companies to show up with real LED panel, not a LCD panel with LED backlit. Now I've been reading this in tech2 and thinking rightly that these are actually LED monitors, right? Not LCD? Please confirm. • Samsung launches next-gen LED monitor series in India
  10. Prongs298

    xbo360cemu - for generic usb gamepads.

    i dont know if many people use cheap controllers instead of the real xbox 360 one or the logitech or other good brands. but i found this really good thing for making games recognize generic controllers as the real xbox360 one. all you have to do is paste the files in the zip file to the folder...
  11. S

    Sulekha selling Galaxy R @ Rs. 18989. Go for it?

    Here's the link On clicking 'buy', a popup appears that promises to give a Rs. 1500 off coupon for 'first time users' . So is this the real deal? Otherwise was thinking of the LG O2X, but can't find it at ~19k. EDIT!: omg omg I ordered it! :O
  12. ico

    Best CPUs for money - in India.

    Note: Platforms (sockets) recommended in this thread are all current. Sockets AM2, AM2+, AM3, LGA 775, LGA 1156 and LGA 1356 are end-of-line. All Intel sockets are incompatible. AMD AM3 processors work in AM3+ and AM2/AM2+ sockets. Vice versa is NOT true. If you want to ask a question in the...
  13. S

    xperia play for 21.5k

    just came across this Sony Ericsson Xperia Play: Mobile dont know if its just a mistake(website) or real. but if its real then diwali starts early for gamers.
  14. J

    Real time security

    Hi, Which is the best real time security programme while browsing against various threats?
  15. ninad_mhatre85

    Graphics Card Query.

    Hi Guys, I want to buy a graphic card for my year old PC. I am not hardcore gamer and all but i do play games sometimes. In next month i am planning to buy 22" HD LCD monitor so i thought i will use Digital signal to get better picture. I have a budget of 3K. My main purpose is to improve...
  16. d3p

    Crazy and hilarious videos ever seen!

    Hey Mates, As the thread title suggest, post the Craziest & Most Hilarious videos you have ever seen.... Here we go... If Cartoons were Real " APV5LnQvqFw "If Video Games were Real " 9bKoahtmcHY
  17. R

    IDM downloads html pages instead of the real files

    IDM downloads html pages instead of the real files from mediafire, what is the reason?Is there any ways to rectify the problem?
  18. din

    Uncle meet the Ultimate guy - At Munnar

    We both are not active in TDF these days, so not sure how many will recognize us :P Anyway, Uncle Din know Sreejith (sr_ultimate) for the last 7 years and they are great friends. Through email, chat, phone etc. But they never met in real. On last saturday, uncle was on a trip to Munnar with the...
  19. A

    Budget Webcam for Project -Face,Body Posture Detection

    Hi I am currently doing real time emotion detection project using face and body posture. The project requires a good webcam. Even a good quality 800x600 resolution real time video capture is sufficient. We dont require any HD,very high resolution,high end webcam The face portion like...
  20. webgenius

    I don't believe in aliens, but......

    Check this link. Wonder if it's real :?
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