1. CadCrazy

    Narain drives Team India to maiden A1 GP win

    Narain Karthikeyan created history by winning the A1GP race at Zhuhai (China). His win made him the first Indian to ever win an A1GP race. Starting from a very strong qualifying at third place, Karthikeyan drove at a fantastic pace and A1 Team India had two very efficient pit stops...
  2. V

    Need for Speed: ProStreet Demo Out Now

    Need for Speed: ProStreet is the latest installment of the popular racing series by Electronic Arts. It is the most awaited game of 2007 which is due to be released in November 2007. EA recently released a demo of the this latest version which includes 2 races, a Speed Challenge race with the...
  3. Gigacore

    Google sponsors race to the moon

    Google announced today it is sponsoring a $30 million robotic race to the moon, organized by the X PRIZE Foundation, a Santa Monica non-profit famous for issuing multimillion-dollar scientific challenges. A $20 million grand prize will go to the first team that lands a privately funded...
  4. T

    Hutch loosing the race to Airtel

    Don't you think that Hutch has stopped providing new services to its customers. Airtel has launched many a new services like Airtel messenger, SMS 2.0 for sending text messages in colored fonts, visual radio,customer care through SMS etc. while Hutch is nowhere in the race. Ask hutch customer...
  5. P

    India to stage F1 race in 2009

    India have finally been awarded a Formula One Grand Prix race after years of trying to join the F1 fraternity. The announcement made on Thursday by the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) president Suresh Kalmadi, came after months of speculation and will be held from 2009. "We have...
  6. Dipen01

    Test Drive Unlimited Doubt..

    Hey guys, I am facing some gameplay problem with Test Drive..I installed it yesterday..what happens is, when i click on start for my very first race the race isnt initiated...the cam just rotates..but Race isnt gettin initiated....Theres just one thing that can be done i.e exit..!! and wen i...
  7. hailgautam

    :: The Formula 1 - 2007 Season Thread ::

    :: The Formula 1 Thread :: This is the Formula 1 - 2007 Discussion Thread. The Race Timetable is as follows: ING Australian Grand Prix Melbourne 16 - 18 Mar Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur 06 - 08 Apr Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix Bahrain 13 - 15 Apr Gran Premio de España...
  8. Kiran.dks

    Let's Race! All Trackmania Nations Racers join here!

    I would like to call all "Trackmania Nations" Racers here to join the race online. For all those who are new to this game, let me tell you that this is totally free F1 racing game with amazing graphics and music. It supports multi-player options. Download from http://www.trackmanianations.com/
  9. A

    Is Intel or AMD best for playing Games?

    Is Intel or AMD best for playing Games? I have seen some serious problems in AMD 1. One friend can start NFS MW but the game closes automatically. 2. One friend can play NFS MW's first race without any problem but when he starts his next race his computer slows down and he can't play this...
  10. s18000rpm

    Racing Games Discussion

    Any FANs of Simulation Racing games like Colin McRae 04, 05 ; Formula 1 series, NFS Porsche, lets discuss/share some Tuning / Setup & Strategy tips here. & also some great moments in Games. Tuning & Car Set-up Tips: :arrow: NFS Porsche Unleashed. Any car that you buy in "modern era"...
  11. A

    Game automatically Exits --- NFS_Most_Wanted

    Hi I have started playing NFS_Most_Wanted but the problem is that after the first race gets over as the second race starts the game automatically exits to windows I got this game on DVD and playing with the help of tools-- Virtual Daemon and Safedisc4 Hider as Mentioned in the Read Me...
  12. K

    full auto review

    Full Auto is a neat idea, but unfortunately it's just one neat idea, stretched across the entire game. And that wears thin pretty quickly. The Good: Lots of events; good-looking explosions. The Bad: Gameplay is seriously shallow; doesn't stay fun for very long; audio bug prevents you from...
  13. U

    Name the toughest race.

    Tell the toughest race you've played yet. Including any game. Race must be only one. According to me: The race of MAFIA in "Fairplay" mission.
  14. V

    info on NFSU2 on ps2

    when playing underground league in nfsu2 on ps2, even if i win a race, i dont get credits, bank points as reward nor the next race tracs are unlocked. so i am stuck with only one race track. in case of nfsu1 , if a race for a particular track is won, then lot of goodies are awarded along with...
  15. P

    NFS Underground SoundTracks

    hi, where can i get NFS Underground ingame soundtracks?(tracks which will be playing in background when the race is on) please help me ASAP. thank you.
  16. ArZuNeOs

    Divx Joiners,

    Hey Guys Any Software For Joining 2 bits Of Movie Files(not just Divx)into One [b]& Fasterone Come On Get Into The Race :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: Come :P
  17. S

    which is the best race in Warcraft 3?

    I've been playing Warcraft 3 for some months now. And I find myself comfortable playing with Night Elfs, with Demon Hunter and Warden as my heroes. I'm sure many people on this forum must be playing WC3. so which is your fav. race? , or even fav hero?
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