1. Tejo

    Any Android Bike Racing Games?

    I have seen of lot of racing games based on cars in play store, like GT Racing 2, Asphalt 8, NFS, Real Racing 3 etc. Are there any good games (something like the graphics in the above list) that are based on bikes?
  2. H

    csr classics on android help

    I want to win the boss car but everytime after 3rd boss race it says buy super nitros. I dont have any credit card. I have fully upgraded my skyline Can i race the boss without buying super nitro Tab 2 p3100
  3. Anorion

    Stone-Tipped Spears Pre-date the Human Race

    Stone-Tipped Spears Pre-date the Human Race
  4. Ricky

    Drive your car in Gautam Buddh international circuit and feel the racing instinct

    Anyone who is auto enthusiast will have big smile from this news; src: Drive your super car in Buddha International Formula 1 Racing Track Seriously I am planning to give it a visit very soon, atleast one hour drive, always wanted to drive like real racer ;)
  5. Extreme Gamer

    Glorious PC Gaming Master Race vs Dirty Console Peasant

    I'd like to discuss this topic here. Please share your thoughts on this topic. Which side are you on? Which side is better? Which side deserves to die :)) etc tec Let the battle commence! :D:D I'm on neither side, and I hate both sides of the debate. I have 2 pretty powerful PCs, a PS3...
  6. P

    [Digit Contest] Digit Samsung App Race Challenge

    It takes only 6 steps to be a winner. Are you Interested? Develop an innovative S Pen App for Samsung Galaxy Note and Win Rs. 2.5 Lakh + Samsung Galaxy Note + Samsung Galaxy Tab and more... Click here to participate. For any technical query, please visit-Samsung App Race Forum Regards, Team...
  7. clerkman1612

    Anyone knows the keyboard button for need for speed : Shift?

    Guys The game(Need for Speed : Shift for PC) is working fine in my PC.But I cannot find a keyboard control button by which I can exit from Race or even the game.The "ESC" Button only allow to pause the race but not exit from race. I m only restarting my PC directly in order to exit from game as...
  8. socrates

    Samsung leads Tablet PC race in India: Study

    Not surprising. Technoholik : Samsung leads Tablet PC race in India: Study
  9. vamsi_krishna

    Need for Speed: The Run

    Read more. I am still to get deep into shift 2 (halted by it's control lag and stutter). But, we have a new announcement of NFS coming. :/
  10. NewsBytes

    Computers start learning; doomsday approaches?

    The New York Times posted an interesting piece on computers getting smarter, and that got us to thinking. Is "Skynet" really that close? There were two parts to that thought. First was Skynet, a fictional AI from the Terminator films that on becoming self-aware decides that the only course...
  11. NewsBytes


        The story of Borderlands takes us to the desolate planet of Pandora— a wasteland that proudly assures that it is guaranteed to be your final destination. This story is set in the fringe regions of this planet which is made up of scattered outposts; and it is this region from where...
  12. User Name

    Fisichella to race for Ferrari at Monza !

    Giancarlo Fisichella will race for Ferrari at the remaining five rounds of 2009 after Force India agreed to release him from his contract on Thursday. Fisichella will replace Ferrari test driver Luca Badoer as stand-in for the injured Felipe Massa, starting at next weekend’s Italian Grand Prix...
  13. A

    Can Microsoft comes back with Windows 7

    With Windows Vista the biggest flop of year 2007 and also getting losses from Xbox 360 can Microsoft comes back in race (although it is in race with XP). Now many of the organisation has started moving towards open source (mostly Linux). Also i as a linux enthusiast uses Linux much but I like...
  14. garfield_56

    nfs: UG-2 : help in drag race!!

    just started playing nfs - ug2....nd i won the races rachel gave me...all but one ::: drag.. I cant figure out how do win this one...if i increase the speed...my engine blows...if i dont, then i am left behind nd ultimately every1 else completes d race, while m stuck!!!! I am running a mazda...
  15. K

    race game names for my pc

    hello i dont know the race games what suitable for my pc (car or bike or any) including old games also. My hardware configuration is intel core2duo 2.66ghz 2gb ddr2 ram 320 gb sata harddisk my system is hp dx7400 branded please help
  16. furious_gamer

    An Le Old game Review

    I am just going to express my thoughts about the game Street Racing Syndicate.. Yep, most of u know about the game and since i am not a race-liking gamer, no chance for me to know about it... Yes, i pick this game two months before and i cant get any time to play it coz i am busy with the...
  17. shift

    The Official GRID Thread

    guys, anyone play GRID from Codemaster? if yes, then 1. how is it? 2. what high end cars are there? 3. what race mode are there, i mean like drift, sprint, circuit ? 4. can the cars be customized like NFS? thanks
  18. rohan

    Warcraft III questions [n00b warning]

    I have recently started playing warcraft III.. and i've had this few problems recently: i] How does the Undead race collect Lumber? The Acolyte only collects Gold. ii] How do I kill my Peasants/Wisps/Peons/Acolytes when I reach a population limit so that I can increase my combat units. iii]...
  19. raksrules

    Where's this song in Race Movie Album ??

    Recently a new song from the movie Race is being aired on TV, featuring Katrina and Saif performing on a Stage like thing. The song i suppose is "Khwab Dekhe (Sexy Lady)". I was not able to find this song listed in the Race audio album. Any clue where is it ?
  20. PCWORM

    Anyone noticed this?

    Anyone got an eye on this noticeable glitch in the "Race" movie wallpaper!
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