Need for Speed: The Run


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Shift 2 Unleashed has been out for only a month, but EA is apparently looking to turn out another Need for Speed in near-record time. European retailer has posted a product page for Need for Speed: The Run on the Xbox 360, complete with box art and a teaser trailer that reveals a November 18 launch date. The North American version of the video (embedded below) indicates a November 15 domestic launch for the game.

Clocking in at 1 minute, 17 seconds, the trailer shows glimpses of race action intercut with shots of what appears to be a story mode. The trailer suggests New York, Las Vegas, Denver, and San Francisco as locales, with races spiced up by outside factors (like an explosive avalanche or unwanted attention from the cops). As for the story, the trailer's glimpses of the game are spotted in between shots of a man regaining consciousness in a car overturned on railroad tracks. The tagline at the end of the clip is "The race for your life. The race of your life."

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I am still to get deep into shift 2 (halted by it's control lag and stutter). But, we have a new announcement of NFS coming. :/


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perfect.. this time theme seems to be completely different..

but wht is goin on with NFS.. new version are coming unexpectedly.. no time to complete previous one


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IronCruz said:
Hope will be better than Most Wanted.

BTW, why bringing out games so fast? Nothing sill beats Most Wanted.
We have had enough of track racing so this is welcome chnge


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They have "god knows how many" teams working on NFS titles. SMS on shift, Criterion was working on Hot Pursuit. Now Black Box again kicking in. I am quite sure that the development was going on at least an year from now. That makes whooping 3 games being made simultaneously. EA seems desperate.

Only thing that is pumping me is FrostBite 2.0 engine.


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Previously EA used to make one NFS Title per year and now its two which is ridiculous. I mean they don't give a damn about their released games. Shift 2 has already a lot of bugs and they are not fixing them but just announcing a new title. What the hell.


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That video is nice.
Looks like blackbox is trying hard to make this game nice. I appreciate their efforts. Lets hope it lives up to my expectations.


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Starting from HP2, I have only enjoyed 2 NFS games so far, HP2 and MW. Rest are just ****. Sorry if I hurt any fanboys.


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Yes HP2 and MW were best. Other games were more or less average and enjoyable but after Carbon NFS was in a deep hole and with Shift it changed its proper genre and gained some pride. I hope that Run would not disappoint us in pursuit races and and other races. Quite honestly I don't like the idea of running with protagonist on streets too much but still lets hope they implement it nicely.
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