Stone-Tipped Spears Pre-date the Human Race


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Spears feel very much like a human weapon of war—so it's surprising to find out that, in fact, the stone-tipped projectiles pre-date our species by a bewildering 85,000 years.

A team of archaeologists from University of California at Berkeley have uncovered remains of the oldest known stone-tipped throwing spears, and their analysis suggests they're 280,000 years old. They were found at an Ethiopian Stone Age site known as Gademotta, and are reported in PLoS One.

But that age means that they're far older than Homo sapiens—which either suggests we're wrong about how long our race has existed, or that our predecessor species were smart enough to make weapons.

Stone-Tipped Spears Pre-date the Human Race


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its possible that those baboons or orangutan or gorrila or monkey someone was intelligent enough at that time to use these weapons


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But when we have here is not some random animal using objects from their environment in as it is condition to use as tool.
They have actually made a spear by working on the stone , sharping it. This only human can do.

I think human came on this planet much earlier than thought.


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Yeah science keeps changing its theories as we discover new things. That's the great thing about it. The world gets more and more mysterious once we start exploring.
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