Drive your car in Gautam Buddh international circuit and feel the racing instinct


Cyborg Agent
Anyone who is auto enthusiast will have big smile from this news;

If you are an auto enthusiast then there is an amazing opportunity provided by Buddha International F1 Race Circuit to drive a car like a professional racer on the track. Yes, you hear it right, now there is a service available for Indians to test and feel the racing circuit which maintains a high level of international standards and can be dream for any serious Auto Enthusiast to drive his car over here.

Buddha International Circuit allows to you drive the Volkswagen Polo race cars in its premises with certain packages. If you have high end car and you want to feel it then you can visit the racing track between 9am to 6pm on Saturdays and can buy various packages of various denominations.

src: Drive your super car in Buddha International Formula 1 Racing Track
Seriously I am planning to give it a visit very soon, atleast one hour drive, always wanted to drive like real racer ;)
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