Where's this song in Race Movie Album ??

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Recently a new song from the movie Race is being aired on TV, featuring Katrina and Saif performing on a Stage like thing. The song i suppose is "Khwab Dekhe (Sexy Lady)". I was not able to find this song listed in the Race audio album. Any clue where is it ?


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aha!!! I saw the movie yesterday and I was wondering how come I never heard that song .. looks like it was added later.


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ya ..... total waste of money ....... gonna save my money 4 2008 upcomming blockbuster eng movies listed in Sunday midday .......

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The song was shot after the album went out for sale.So it isn't available.
They will be including in the new batch of CD's.


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Saw it today.. Was there when Katrina describes how Saif proposed her.
Btw movie is complete bullsh1t.. Fkin twists thrown around just 4 the heck of it.


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Guys , get that song from here , i have uploaded this :: URL SNIPPED on request of members
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