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<< Dataone New User Blues >>

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hello people,
i have a question. i got my new dataone connection..i got my username and password...where do i go to to see my account usage?? i have not got any portal ids>..



to check your account usage, first check your IP address , if it starts from 59.xx.... then head over to dataone.in and click check account usage over there...

if it starts from 117.xx.... then head over to http://bbservice.bsnl.in/ b check your usage ...

btw, instead of doing all of this use Shaplus dataone usage findin software...its a very simple tool... [google for url]


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You will need a portal ID too. Call BSNL DataOne customer care in your town and ask them to provide you the Portal ID or the pin as some call it. The normal password goes in the password field.
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