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WD or Seagate ?????

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Going in for a new 500GB hdd. After lots of browsing through the forum i saw that there are people who would say that seagate has a higher failure rate than WD and some say otherwise. I am getting WD and seagate for roughly 3k in my city. But the question is that i wantu know which is better in that segment.??? and if any other suggestions please throw in......


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wd black series is best go with 500 gb....and abt seagate fail rate,that was abt a batch of disks and i think they r fine now....but still go wd,get 32 cache version of wd disks if u want performce(in green and blue series)..... go to wd site to find more....


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I recently bought samsung 750gb(32mb cache) hdd @ 4k from Bhopal..
the performance is vry vry good....
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