The Blue/Black Gold/White Dress Question


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Ok for those who don't know, this blew up in the interwebs today.
The dress below is seen by people as a Black/Blue and Some are saying its White/Gold

People are debating how this could be possible, I couldn't read much. I checked this with 10+ people in my team and only me and another colleague said it as White/Gold, rest said it is Blue/Black including a colorblind friend.

When I check the color in mspaint, it picked Blue and Brown

And the answer is

Black / Blue

Here is the Explanation from ASAP Science

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Oh God.. There was an endless discussion about this image on whatsapp and Facebook the whole day.. I picked up blue and Brown from it..


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This news has basically risen risen since Buzzfeed asked it's readers. I mean seriously who cares about a dress. What matters is inside :wink:
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