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Hi guys I wanted a good tablet mount(without install) which i can order online using COD from amazon,Flipkart etc
the car in question is a CRV and i want the tablet in the centre of the dash
heres a pic of the dashboard which i found off the internet
my concern is if tablet mounts are good enough and if itll block the ac vents
the tab in question is a Lenovo A2107-H which isnt really big (7")
pls help me out
experiences are prefered , any sort of help/advice is appreciated
ps-i also wanted a decent bluetooth reciever which i can plug into the aux to use with this build
Thanks in advance

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oh and i dont want to open the panels/installation etc,im ok with suction mounts on top of the radio/cd unit provided it looks good and must be removable


Cyber Genius FTW
hey check out taylor martin mod for fixing Nexus 7 in his car.
thanks for your reply

no you misunderstood,i dont want any installations/permanent stuff,its my dads car,he doesnt like a non-stock look :(
my own car,i do all kinds of stuff,not in my parents cars
i want something like this- Mount Holder for 6 - 8 inch Tablet 05.jpg

thing is im only able to find stuff for windshield or headrest,nothing like the ones i posted above :(
if anyone has any ideas please reply


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Oh I thought you want to go to the extreme. But on that note why not get a car stand that can hold a tablet like in that arkon pic.
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