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So a year ago I bought a cheap lenovo a269i (256MB RAM, 1300 mAh ) for 4000 bucks . It costs about 3300 nowadays.

Now I have continuously observed that its battery life last about 2-5 days with wifi-on, depending on usage. Its performance is also great. It never hangs, or stutters. Of course I don't play any games on it.

On the other hand whoever I have talked to and no matter which high end phone they use, they count battery life in hours not days.

My question is why is my phone's battery life so good? NOT COMPLAINING obviously, but just want to know what really causes better battery life, for future purchases.

Possibile reasons of my phone's good battery life:

1. Low usage ? maybe... but even standby life of other phones seems to last only 1.5 days (as they say)
2. better hardware ? I think not. My friends better speced a369i sucks as far as battery life is concerned.
3. 'Lighter' OS. android 2.3 instead of android 4 ? No idea
4. No multitasking, so less applications running ? Maybe
5. Other ? For a few days I hit a youtube app bug, when it would continuously try to sync something, which caused the battery life to die in 10-12 hours.
6. Display: (As suggested by Ghormaanas)
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i too have an old Samsung GT-I5510 phone, and the battery on it lasts for a few days like your phone. i guess its due to a combination of all the factors you've listed above. older hardware, less demanding apps and processes (not much space to accommodate multiple apps as it is), display is also old and unlike the new swanky ones, more usage for calls and texting than for multimedia, etc.
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